Here's How You Can Score the Best Promo Fares

Straight from Cebu Pacific.

( With the opening of Cebu Pacific's Super Seat Fare at the stroke of midnight on March 1, you probably stayed up to score discounted plane tickets to your favorite destination—whether domestic or international. You may have also struggled to book a seat because getting one can be as hard as winning the lottery, especially with the thousands of like-minded travelers who are also logged into the site.


But don't give up just yet, because the promo runs until March 31, and there are a million seats up for grabs! To help you get the best deals, Cebu Pacific listed down some tips.

Stability is key

If you're lucky, you have a good WiFi or fiber Internet connection at home, or stable 4G on your mobile. Otherwise, look for a place that won't have you refreshing your browser again and again.

Two platforms are better than one

Cebu Pacific has a website and a mobile app that sync with their booking system. This means you can log into both platforms and increase your chances of clicking on a better deal.

Be ready with the details

Even before logging in, have all the personal details of you and your travel companions listed down. This should include each person's complete name, date of birth, e-mail address, contact number, and passport number and expiry date. This way, you don't have to message your friends back and forth and waste precious time.

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Have your cards handy

If you're paying through your credit or debit card, it's more convenient to have your details (card number, full name, security code, expiry date, and billing address) within arm’s reach. You can even type all the information on your computer's word-processing program so you can just copy-paste when you're ready to pay on the booking website.

Go for small groups

This doesn't mean you should ditch your other friends! It can be difficult to book 10 seats in one go, so it's best to divide the group into smaller batches of two to three people.

Stay updated

In the same way that you found out about the promo, you also have to be updated about all the latest information. Who knows? There might be additional discounted seats!

Cebu Pacific's Super Seat Fare runs until March 31. For more information, visit Cebu Pacific's website.

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