You Don't Have to Leave Home to Visit This Pokemon Theme Park

It opens online this month.

PHOTO BY Pokemon via TimeOut

( Travel's taken a backseat in 2020—airplanes are grounded, tourist spots are closed, and theme parks have shut down. People are staying home, hoping that the COVID-19 pandemic will be over soon. But for now, the Internet is our best friend and it's bringing us a virtual Pokemon theme park where you can hang out with Pikachu or your favorite Pokemon avatar. Pokemon Virtual Fest is live from August 12 to 31. You can play through their website or through the Cluster app on the App Store or Google Play.

Watch a Pikachu performance.
PHOTO BY Pokemon via TimeOut
Or battle it out with other Pokemons.
PHOTO BY Pokemon via TimeOut
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Pokemon Virtual Fest lets you customize your own avatar. You can choose to go on an escape room-like mission, where you try to figure out a word puzzle, find your way out of a maze, or solve a mystery. There's also the option of just hanging out in the virtual theme park, and having a relaxing day with your friends' avatars. Pokemon Virtual Fest players can challenge friends to Pokemon battles, watch Pikachu performances, play a game of carnival ring toss, or marvel at a virtual fireworks show.

To play, you need to create a Cluster account through AppleID, Google, Twitter, or Facebook. To take things further, you can wear your Oculus Rift or Vive Rift headset while exploring the virtual theme park.

For more information, visit Pokemon Virtual Fest's website.

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