POGI POINTS: 5 Simple Kitchen Hacks Every Bachelor Should Know

Because girls dig guys who know their way around the kitchen


See, guys can fix their cars, hunt wild animals, and build a camp fire. Shouldn't they learn how to fend for themselves in the kitchen as well?

There are a bunch of reasons why a guy must develop culinary skills, but only one will convince him to give it a try: pogi points. Yes, kitchen know-how equates to instant pogi points in the eyes of women!

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So now is the time to unleash your inner, uhm, Erwan. You can kick things off by memorizing the following kitchen hacks:

1. For starters, you can prepare breakfast for your girl even if you don't have a toaster.

Just spread butter on the bread and fry it in a pan. Voila!

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2. Did you know that Cinnamon makes a fantastic coffee flavor?

A cup of coffee peppered with cinnamon ground is perfect for those who want their drink sweet but sugarless. Your lady love will appreciate it, especially if she's having a bad day.



3. When blended together, lemon and black pepper make the best kind of seasoning.

You can use lemon and pepper seasoning on meat, chicken, fish, and seafood salad. We suggest you try it when a date comes over; it'll blow her mind.

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4. Girls love putting ketchup on their fries.

But if you have some cheese curds and gravy mix in your fridge, you can impress her even more by turning the dish into a poutine.

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5. There's no need to head outside, even if the missus is craving for some Mexican food.

All you have to do is put some taco seasoning in your ground beef and wait for the magic to work.

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Nothing's sexier than a guy who can cook, and the best part is it doesn't have to be complex. If you want to earn more pogi points in the kitchen, check out this new YouTube series called McCormick Flavor Nation Bites and see if you could learn a thing or two about preparing your own meal:

Hope it helped! If you want to learn more wonderful dishes and cooking tricks, we suggest you attend the McCormick Flavor Nation Festival this coming Saturday, May 16, 2 p.m. onwards at the Bonifacio High Street Activity Center in Bonifacio Global City.


The festival will feature specialty food stalls, spiced beverage bars, street magicians, flairtenders, poi dancers, human mannequins, demos from culinary experts, and musical performances from talented artists, among others. Sounds like a blast, yes?

For more information on the McCormick Flavor Nation Festival, like McCormick Philippines on Facebook and use the hashtag #McCormickFlavorNation. See you there! 

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