10 Great Places Relax to De-Stress In and Around Manila

From doing yoga with your dogs to smashing a television set.

(SPOT.ph) Living in the Metro can sometimes (or most of the time) get on your nerves. The stress starts as soon as you wake up at an ungodly hour to avoid rush hour and lasts until a work-related e-mail comes in even when you’re already at home. In between, there’s the hopeless traffic jam to bear, bills to pay, annoying colleagues to deal with, deadlines to beat...and the list just goes on. While not everyone is blessed with the time and money to go on a weekend escapade to the great outdoors, there are a number of places in the city where you can just let out your frustration, de-stress, and recharge your temples for another long week ahead. We recommend trying out some of them if you feel like punching someone in the face.


Bark Central (Quezon City)

Yoga is a holistic exercise that not only relaxes the body but also the mind. What if you combine this ancient physical and mental discipline with the presence of your canine friends, which are known for their therapeutic benefits? The result is doga, where the "Downward Dog" pose is done with an actual dog. Bark Central in Quezon City offers a special Bark Yoga every last weekend of the month for P800.

Bark Central is at 4/F Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Quezon City. For more information, visit Bark Central's website.

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Virtual PH (Pasig City)

If you're not into finding your inner Zen, you can also take the opposite route of killing off zombies while releasing all the stress in your body. Virtual PH has some advanced technology that lets you physically run in place and virtually chase your target. There's also a seat simulator where you can virtually ride a rollercoaster and scream your lungs out through all the thrilling loops. Rates for the fully immersive KAT Walk start at P250 for 10 minutes.

Virtual PH is at 5/F Ayala Malls Feliz, Marcos Highway corner J.P. Rizal, Barangay Dela Paz, Pasig City. For more information, follow Virtual PH on Facebook.


Taksiyapo Wall (Tarlac)

Taksiyapo is a Kapampangan curse term, and at Isdaan Floating Restaurant, you’re encouraged to shout the word at the top of your lungs while hurling a ceramic plate against a wall. You also have the option to smash mugs, bowls, and even a whole TV set on the targets that say “Taksil,” “Intrigera,” or “Magnanakaw” to focus your anger. You pay for everything that you break, of course.

Taksiyapo Wall is at Isdaan Floating Restaurant, Gerona, Tarlac.


Wagging Tails Café (Quezon City)

Opened in August 2017, Wagging Tails Café lets you spend the afternoon cuddling with more than 20 resident dogs. If the cuteness doesn't make you calm, we don't know what else will. Entrance to the dog zone is at P250, which comes with complimentary drinks.

Wagging Tails Café is at 20 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City. For more information, follow Wagging Tails Café on Facebook.



Club Manila East (Rizal)

Surfing requires a great deal of focus, which leaves you with no choice but to let go of all your anxiety and stress. Though the Philippines has a number of surf spots, there’s always the season to consider plus the hassle of driving or flying out there. Club Manila East has its own wave pool where the Philippine Surfing Academy regularly holds lessons for the newbie surfer.

Club Manila East is at Kilometer 24, Manila East Road, Taytay, Rizal. For more information, visit Club Manila East's website.


Spartacus Fitness and Martial Arts (Quezon City)

Channel your anger into something useful by learning the discipline of martial arts. At Spartacus, you can take up taekwondo lessons and shout “hi-ya” while doing a roundhouse kick. You can also enroll for jiu-jitsu training and focus on the grappling techniques.

Spartacus Fitness and Martial Arts is at The Hub at R20, Road 20 corner Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City. For more information, follow Spartacus Fitness and Martial Arts on Facebook.


Scuba Studio (San Juan City)

Water has a mysterious way to calm our senses—you know what they say about life being better at the beach (or in our mother's womb, actually). There's even a whole book by a marine biologis explaining the "surprising science that shows how being near, in, on, or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do." While you don't have the resources to live by the sea right now, there's a six-meter deep pool at Scuba Studio where you can learn skin diving or freediving and just relax for minutes underwater.

Scuba Studio is at 308 P. Gueverra corner Seaview Street, Sta. Lucia, San Juan City. For more information, follow Scuba Studio on Facebook.


Elite Boxing and Muay Thai (Makati City, Quezon City, and Pasig City)

Punching someone to make them shut up is always tempting, but—of course—we prefer that you don’t. At Elite Boxing, you can release that pent-upenergy on some heavy-duty punching bags, and you never have to go to jail for it.

Elite Boxing and Muay Thai has branches at 109 Esteban Street corner VA Rufino, Legaspi Village, Makati City; One Orchard Road Condominium, Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City; and Padilla Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Pasig City. For more information, visit Elite Boxing's website.

PHOTO BY Christa I. De La Cruz

City Kart Racing Pampanga

Rev up and feel the wind on your face while flooring the gas pedal in a go-kart at City Kart Racing in Pampanga. The sound of the engine at full speed plus the view of the surroundings can be calming. Plus, there’s no traffic!

City Kart Racing Pampanga is at SandBox at Alviera, Porac Access Road, Porac, Pampanga. For more information, visit SandBox's website.


The Break Room (Mandaluyong City)

At The Break Room, you only need to do three things to deal with stress: "Come in. Break things. Leave happy." Basically, you go inside a room full of things you're allowed to smash with a bat. You can even bring your own music for some drama and an image file of the face of a person you want to pretend-hit. Bringing of your own stuff to break is also allowed, yes that includes things from your ex.

The Break Room is at G/F Paragon Plaza Building, EDSA corner Reliance Street, Mandaluyong City. For more information, visit The Break Room's website.

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