10 More Stupid Expressions That Must Die Soon

SPOT.ph blogger Lourd de Veyra lambasts more stupid expressions that chip away at our sanity.


Like inept administrators, dumb TV shows, and an endless succession of typhoons, there are words and phrases that pummel, batter, blast, and chip away at the very core of a nation's sanity. We present the second installment of these treacherous Trojan horses of language.

1. "Hello, mam-sir"–For the past few years, a visit to the mall always made you feel like a hermaphrodite.

2. "Bonggang-bongga"– The entire point of culture is to move forward. "Bonggang bongga" throws us back to the dark days of disco, polyester pants, and Annie Batumbakal.

3. "Weh"–To paraphrase the title of the first Devo album from 1978: Q: Are we not men? A: We are goats.

4. "Eyeball"–A word that originally meant that "round mass of the eye within its bony socket" or "to stare at somebody or something intently" has come to mean "to meet up in person after significant flirting online." Now, it just means to meet up. An innocent noun transmogrified into an equally innocent verb. But to me its effect is akin to corrugated iron sheets being ripped apart.


5. "Wer na u, dito na me"– It sounded cute the first time. So did "Ligo na u, lapit na me."

6. "Mocha frap"–There is a scene in Ishmael Bernal's Pagdating sa Dulo where Eddie Garcia blows his top after someone casually addressed him as "direk." His outburst goes, (or something to this effect): "Kaya hindi umaasenso ang pelikulang Pilipino–mahilig sa shortcut!" Similarly, civilization will head nowhere if it does not stop putting toweringly silly pompadours of whipped cream on top of coffee.

7. "Dude"–As in, "Dude, where's my brain?" Even Keanu and Ashton–no postmodern literary theoriticians themselves-- have refused to look back at their benighted past.

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8. "Gud pm"– Cellular technology is both Vishnu and Shiva combined into one efficient package: Monumental creator of relations, great destroyer of literacy.

9. "Ask ko lang"–Now you'd think this one merely belongs to the realm of SMS, where brevity and expediency are of the essence. But when people actually use the dang phrase in actual conversation, it becomes truly troubling. What's next, "Tell ko lang po sa inyo?" And then what? Wait, do you hear that? That's the sound of Lope K. Santos turning in his grave.

10. "Ingatz"–The only demographic allowed to use this is the same one that watches Bratz.

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Artwork by Warren Espejo.

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