The Sweetest Chocolate Gifts You Can Give Your Bae This V-Day

Because who doesn't love chocolate?
by Patricia Baes
January 30, 2021
1919 Chocolate, Facebook/KO Pâtissier Warren Espejo
PHOTO BY 1919 Chocolate, Facebook/KO Pâtissier ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( The season of love is practically synonymous to the season of chocolate. Not that we’re complaining—if anything, we love having an excuse to dig into our favorite treats, if only once a year! If you’re looking for an extra-special chocolate-y gift for your S.O. (or, heck, yourself!), the good news is that you’ve got plenty of options—they’re crafted by local purveyors, so you’re helping support the industry, too.


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Check out these chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day:

Fourteenth Bar by 1919 Chocolate

PHOTO BY 1919 Chocolate

For Valentine’s day, tree-to-bar chocolate purveyor 1919 Chocolate has crafted up the Fourteenth Bar (P250)—a special bar of strawberry- and rose-infused white chocolate with toasted pistachios. 1919 Chocolate employs cacao they harvest from their own farm in Malvar, Batangas, and this bar gets its naturally pink shade from freeze-dried strawberries, which lend it a distinct and authentic tartness. You can order this through their website; hurry, because stocks are limited! (In case you miss it, they also make a must-try 36% Toasted Milk and Strawberry Bar.)

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For orders, visit 1919 Chocolate’s website.

Heart-Shaped Bonbons by KO Pâtissier

PHOTO BY Facebook/KO Pâtissier

Nothing screams “season of love” better confections that actually look like little hearts, like KO Pâtissier’s Heart-Shaped Bonbons (P1,500). Each box has two bonbon flavors: the sweet yet floral Caramelized Honey Ganache and the creamy-as-can-be Vanilla Milk Ganache. You can send KO Patissier a message on their social media accounts to order.


For orders, send a message to KO Pâtissier on Facebook or Instagram.

65% Dark Chocolate with Labuyo Bar by Theo & Philo

PHOTO BY Theo & Philo

If you’re looking to, ahem, spice things up, look no further than the 65% Dark Chocolate with Labuyo Bar (P115) by bean-to-bar chocolate brand Theo & Philo. It starts bittersweet, alright, but ends with a surprising fruity heat from siling labuyo. It sure doesn’t hurt that the packaging is gorgeous, too! You can order these bars from their website.


For orders, visit Theo & Philo’s website.

Chocolate Covered Sofia Strawberries by CMV Txokolat

PHOTO BY Facebook/CMV Txokolat

Strawberries on Valentine’s day is a no-brainer, of course, and CMV Txokolat makes an excellent version (P480/box of six, P960/box of 12, P1,920/box of 24). Fresh and juicy Benguet strawberries are filled with Nutella, then covered in smooth milk chocolate for the perfect blend of fruity and creamy. If you really wanna take it over the top, you can also get a box of 12 strawberries with a 200-ml bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne for P3,500. You can order through their website.


For orders, visit CMV Txokolat’s website.

Pili Butter Bars by Tigre y Oliva

PHOTO BY Tigre y Oliva

Remember the multi-layered candy bars of your youth? Here’s a more grownup version you and your S.O. will love: bean-to-bar chocolate brand Tigre y Oliva’s Pili Butter Bars (P300). Each box houses six bars, and each bar has layers of a house-made pili-nut butter, chocolate ganache, and an intriguing, savory-sweet patis salted caramel, all enrobed in Tigre y Oliva’s own single-origin dark chocolate. This is available for orders through their website.


For orders, check out Tigre y Oliva’s website.

Chocolate Bombs by Pinkie’s Farm

PHOTO BY Pinkie's Farm

Surprise the LOYL with Pinkie’s Farm’s Chocolate Bombs. They come as a chocolate orb dotted with pink and red hearts that you put in a mug and pour over warm milk so that the chocolate melts away to reveal a marshmallow-filled interior. You can get the Single (P400) with one Chocolate Bomb, or the Double (P450) with two chocolate bombs; both come with 500 ml of Pinkie’s Farm’s Full Cream Milk in a gift box complete with a ribbon and tag.


For orders, check out Pinkie’s Farm’s website.

Valentine’s Day Tsokoñata Special by Tsokoñata

PHOTO BY Tsokoñata

Tsokoñata sells chocolate piñata cakes, and for Valentine’s day, they’re offering a special heart-shaped version (P1,350) that’s available in different colors: red, pink, purple, blue, and white. The shell is made of chocolate and fondant, and you are to break it open using the provided wooden mallet—now is the time to channel all your frustrations—to reveal chocolates and candies hiding inside! You can customize the cake to say messages like “Happy Valentine’s Day”, “I love you”, or whatever else you please. You can send them a message on social media to place an order.


For orders, send a message to Tsokoñata on Facebook or Instagram.

Truffle in a Bottle by True Chocolate

PHOTO BY True Chocolate PH

For the no-frills chocolate lover, there’s True Chocolate’s Truffle in a Bottle (P550/250 ml). It’s basically chocolate ganache in a bottle, but don’t let that simple description fool you: This is pure, unadulterated chocolate goodness that’s on the right side of dark, with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel that melts effortlessly on the tongue. Plus, you can eat it straight from the bottle, heat it up and use it as a dessert sauce, stir it into hot milk for instant hot chocolate, and more! You can send them a message on Instagram to order.


For orders, send a message to True Chocolate on Instagram.

Assorted Bonbons and Truffles in a Box by Lerio Chocolate

PHOTO BY Instagram/leriochocolate

Tree-to-bar chocolate brand Lerio Chocolates uses single-estate cacao from Agusan del Sur to craft their Assorted Bonbons and Truffles in a Box (P650), which are as gorgeous to look at as they are a treat for the tastebuds. By default, a box comes with one piece each of their Caramelised Milk Chocolate Bonbon, Durian Bonbon, Coffee Bonbon, Peanut Praline, Hidyok Praline, Feuilletine Crunch, Rum Truffle, Almond Truffle, and Peanut Truffle—but you can also customize the chocolate flavors for an additional P45 (unless you’re ordering in bulk). You can fill out their order form to get your own.


For orders, fill out their order form. For more information, check out Lerio Chocolate’s Facebook page.

Introduction to Chocolate Tasting by Auro Chocolate

PHOTO BY Auro Chocolate

What better way to enjoy chocolate than to enjoy them with your partner—and learn how to better appreciate the flavors, while you’re at it? While chocolate-tasting can sound like an intimidating prospect, the folks over at Auro Chocolate are here to help you out with their Introduction to Chocolate Tasting sets (P1,425/pax). Each set comes with a 60-gram bar each of their bean-to-bar 70% Saloy, 70% Tupi, and 70% Paquibato Single-Estate Dark Chocolate (note that they’re all of the 70% cacao percentage, but you’ll discover that they taste vastly different from each other!). You also get two pieces of their 42% Milk Chocolate with Nibs, a small packet of 100% Roasted Cacao Nibs, a small packet of Cacao Beans, and access to their 60-minute guided Introduction to Chocolate Tasting program. (You can opt to share one set with your partner—note that you’ll be priced per person—or purchase one set each per person if you both want the complete experience.) Simply visit Auro Chocolate’s website to order.


For orders, check out Auro Chocolate’s website.

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