10 Must-See Pieces at Art Fair Philippines 2019, According to Insiders

Standout picks from Olivia d'Aboville, Jam Acuzar, and the Art Fair organizers themselves.

(SPOT.ph) What makes "art" art? It's a question that's raised debate for decades, and considers not only the technique that goes into a work of art, but also what it manages to evoke in its viewers. For this year's Art Fair Philippines, happening from February 22 to 24, we asked the experts: Which works of art must not be missed while walking around The Link?

Self-portraits by David Medalla

"A Conversation with the Cosmos" by David Medalla (2017)

Location: 5/F, near the staircase

"In one of them, [Medalla] wears a mask that has the words: 'In conversation with the cosmos.' Given the artist’s quick wit and formidable imagination, not to mention his conviction and intelligence, one can only imagine the eloquence of that dialogue. The universe better be in top form!" —Erwin Romulo, writer and composer

"Car Keys" by Ian Carlo Jaucian

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Location: 4/F, AC Automative

"A little biased yes, but Ian Jaucian's 'Car Keys' at the AC Automotive Booth is a delightful piece to play with at the fair. Styled as a gramophone, a sensor detects grooves in the mags that in turn distills it into music." —Liv Vinluan, featured artist for Art Fair Philippines 2019

"Gold, Magenta" by Jeremy Everett


"Exposure" by Jeremy Everett

Location: 6/F, Edouard Malingue Gallery (Booth 30)

"I could look at these paintings forever, they make me feel good and serene and at peace." —Olivia d'Aboville, featured artist for Art Fair Philippines 2019

"A Stitch in Time" by David Medalla


Location: 5/F, near the staircase

"For me, the most important work that I’ve seen in this batch is David Medalla’s interactive piece 'A Stitch in Time.' I can’t wait to see the final outcome and see the weight of the collected possessions." —Dex Fernandez, featured artist for Art Fair Philippines 2017

"Babel" by Nice Buenaventura


Location: 7/F, Art Informal (Booth 42)

"Nice Buenaventura's little clear and black geometric sculptures provide suprising pocket focal points of contemplation." —Liv Vinluan, featured artist for Art Fair Philippines 2019


From the series Flipping Out, by Mariano Ching

"MO_Space presents an innovative form for commercializing animation, a medium mastered by many artists based in the Philippines. They are presenting editions of beautiful flip books, and if you buy one you also acquire an object related to the subject of the animation you are getting! Smart!" —Inti Guerrero, Artistic Director of Bellas Artes Outpost


"Sand Machine" by David Medalla

Location: 5/F, near the staircase

"I loved being greeted by David Medalla’s 'A Stitch in Time' and most particularly his 'Sand Machines' as you enter the projects section of the fair. It’s exciting to see such a tribute is being given to Medallas’s kinetic sculptures and that the placing of his work is central to the fair. It’s time we put the spotlight towards the life and work of such an incredible artist and thinker, whose influence spans across the globe and many generations of artists after him. Sadly, I didn’t get to see everything at the fair but from the opening night, I was really excited by the photography works at the Luzviminda booth and [Christina] "Ling" Quisumbing Ramilo’s library installation." —Jam Acuzar, founder and director of Bellas Artes Outpost


Ayala, Ramilo, and Medalla

The women behind Art Fair PhilippinesTrickie Lopa, Dindin Araneta, and Lisa Periquetalso have their personal picks! Lopa finds Christina Quisimbing Ramilo's technique in creating "Forest for the Trees" fascinating, Araneta chose the Jose V. Ayala Jr. restrospective, while Periquet is another fan of David Medalla's "A Stitch in Time."

"Forest for the Trees" by Christina Quisimbing Ramilo

A Noble Man: Jose V. Ayala Jr. (1932 - 2002)

Art Fair Philippines 2019 runs from February 22 to 24 at The Link, Parkway Drive, Ayala Center, Makati City. For more information, visit Art Fair Philippines’ website.

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