10 Pinoy Comic Artists That Will Add Some Fun to Your IG Feed

Brighten up the endless scroll with these local works!

(SPOT.ph) Sure, Instagram isn't exactly where you would go for your daily dose of Internet humor, but underneath all the travel pics and cat videos, there are some real gems. What's great about this app's feed is that you can curate it to feed your interests. So in this case, we're assuming you want to add a bit of fun to add to your endless scrolling—in the form of some quality Pinoy webcomics.

Here are 10 comic artists you can follow for a look at Pinoy daily life.

AJ Bacar (@sskait)

Artist AJ Bacar wanted to illustrate things everyone could relate to, thus his passion project Siya, Sila, Kayo, Ako, Ikaw, Tayo—or Sskait for short—and his comic really does live up to its name. He picks up on little slices of everyday life, from battles with flying cockroaches and crazy weather, to sweet moments with loved ones, and just the right amount of very relatable hugot lines.


Mabie Sison (@wholesome_on_wheels)

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There's a whole lot of attitude contained in Mabie Sison's account. This 19-year-old is just starting out and already has nearly 2,000 followers. Her comics and illustrations, which blend together snarky and funny (based on her own loves and interests), are drawn in a very distinctive style.

Carlo Jose San Juan, MD (@callouscomics)


Delve into the crazy medical world of Dr. Rianne Nicah and her guardian duck Cal in Callous Comics. Created by Carlo Jose San Juan, who is yes, also an actual medical doctor, this comic traces its origins to the '90s when San Juan was just a student. You can also check out the strip, which already has four self-published comic books, which regularly comes on in Manila Bulletin

Wan Mañanita (@wanstrips) 

Wan Mañanita has been part of the comic scene for a while now, along with his team at Frances Luna III. He created the Wanstrips account specifically for his comics, which are mostly inspired by real-life adventures—from difficult break-ups to funny conversations with friends. Mañanita also partners with other comic artists from time to time to create special strips, so there's always something new to check out.

Jess Guanco (@grickenfish)


A soft color palette only sharpens the slap-in-your-face relatability of Jess Guanco's comics. Her illustrations often comment on social issues, from problems with the government to gender inequality, and are most accurately described on its Facebook page as "facetious nonsense." If you want something to laugh bitterly at, then this is a definite must. 

Jesie Castro (@jesie_castro)

Jesie Castro is best known for his work at Overheard Comics, where he concentrates on digital illustrations about anything under the sun, or as he puts it on his Facebook page, "stories of the mundane." His IG page features his works, from comic strips to witty illustrations, and everything in between.

D. Borja (@hunghangflashbacks)


If you aren't already following this webcomic on Instagram, you're missing out. D. Borja's comics always manage to hit the right notes. They're based on Borja's (and his girlfriend's) own social blunders and awkward experiences, so the strips are a great way to laugh at the mistakes we make as humans just trying to adult. And in case you didn't know it yet, he regularly contributes "kahunghangans" on the SPOT.ph Facebook page.

Kairi and Izzy (@thesinnamonrolls)

If you need to add some adorable with a pinch of darkness to your feed, then The Sinnamon Rolls is the way to go! Created by two millennials who go by the names Kairi and Izzy, these quirky comics feature their adventures as they try to make it through life. Part-time artist, full-time fangirl Izzy is always drawn in soft shades of violet, while Kairi, the writer who needs coffee to get through the day, is represented by shades of pink.


Ramark Masangcay (@opismeyts)

Being stuck in the nine-to-five can really dampen your spirits, but Ramark Masangcay decided to create something out of the daily grind. A telco engineer by profession, Masangcay drew inspiration from his office routine and created Opismeyts, which highlights the funnier side of working corporate. Sounds unlikely, we know, but take a look at his comics, and you'll see what we mean!

Lizette Daluz (@butterprim)


You might already be familiar with Lizette Daluz's comic book Ang Hari ng Komyut—which won Best Reads for Kids at the 2018 National Children's Book Awards—so if you want to see more from this illustrator, her Instagram is definitely worth a follow. Catch snippets of her works, including strips from Hari ng Komyut, random drawings, and updates on her latest projects.

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