Nightcrawling in your 20s, 30s, and 40s: Where to go to party with people your own age hit up Manila's nightspots to give you the details on who goes where, and what to do if you want to party like a regular.

Have you ever walked into a bar and thought to yourself, "Everyone here's so young/old!" If you're in the mood, a change of atmosphere can be fun but usually you'd like to be in your element when you head out for a night on the town.

That's the joy of partying with people your own age. You all probably listen to the same music (think all-night '80s versus bumpin' pumpin' hip-hop or house). You all probably follow the same dress code, so no one feels over-the-top or underwhelming. Familiar faces and similar social decorum keep everything smooth and easy.

Here's a quick list of the hot spots to check out, whatever your age:

20s and 30s
Where? What time? What for? What to order How much?



9 p.m., though some go early to get a table. Rockeoke. Everyone gets a chance to sing with the band. Rule of thumb is, the worse you are, the more entertaining. Sign up for "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and they're sure to call you up. Sub zero beers! How much do you drink? Beers are about P45 a bottle.



Go early for dinner to reserve a spot for your crew. The lights dim between 10:30 and 11 p.m., when they allow smoking inside. Those who subscribe to the Cheers mentality of frequenting the same cozy watering hole will feel right at home. L-shaped booths accommodate large groups who stay there for hours on end. Bottles are so reasonably priced that sometimes, instead of ordering shots, it's better to buy the entire jug of tequila. The spicy chicken tenders are amazing. About P500 will keep you full and in good spirits all night.



9 p.m. sharp on Tuesdays to get a table for your team. Every Tuesday, Brian Banta organizes Quiz Night. It's eight categories about anything from geography to Harry Potter, so it's good to have a diverse mix in your team. Comfort food at it's best. Tuna sisig comes highly recommended to go with your beer. Meal and three beers will cost about P250 to 300.



Go early to snag one of the tables upstairs, or you'll end up standing all evening downstairs. This is the place to indulge in foreign beers and liquor at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, the place is small and the seats limited but they'll be opening a second branch along Jupiter street in July. Pick your poison and go through a world of ales and bitters, literally. Ladies will love the exotic vodka flavors like 42 Below's honey vodka or Smirnoff's black cherry coolers. About P80 to P100 for a bottle of beer, or about P600 for a bottle of 42 Below.

20s, 30s, and yes, even 40s
Where? What time? What for? What to order How much?

Embassy and Manor


Real nightcrawlers don't head out 'til about 10:30 or 11 p.m.

If you feel like getting decked out for a night of dancing and mingling, this is the easy option. It's always sensory over thrill–mash up sounds, lights and video, and of course, excellent people watching.

Cocktails and hard liquor to impress. The BLT sushi at Cuisine is pretty good for midnight munchies. Set aside at least P700 to cover the door charge, which is consumable, and anything else you feel like drinking.



The beauty of this place is that they accept table reservations so you can decide on the time according to your leisure. Cav has won over a following with its extensive wine selection and the neat little card that allows you to go through the list by the glass. They have a set dinner menu too if you want to go the whole nine yards and pair your wine with a nice meal. Hone your inner sommelier and go through the selection they have for tasting. Their liquor menu is sparse in comparison to their wine list. P500 is the minimum for the Cav card. Be prepared to shell out more if you decide to order by the bottle.

M Cafe


The music gets going at about 10 p.m. and it's nice to get a spot outside to enjoy the evening. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at M Café are always laced with great music care of the Soundsgood duo Stefan Loewenstein and Edge Pamute. Think electro bossa nova playing in the background, martini in hand, and Greenbelt's Zen Garden as your view–not too shabby, right? The place draws an international crowd, giving it a great multi-cultural atmosphere. Their signature cocktails include exotic Asian infusions that are dee-licious. Cocktails start at about P180.

30s and 40s
Where? What time? What for? What to order How much?



The lights dim after dinner, turning the place into a lounge. If you're after a nightcap, come at around 10 p.m. It has only been in operation a few months and is actually still in the process of opening the rest of its posh rooms for public consumption. (Rumors of a champagne room have been afloat.) It's a choose-your-own-adventure–each area has a different cuisine and décor theme to suit your mood that evening. While there's no membership fee or door charge, the place is priced in such a way as to give an air of exclusivity. Come early to dinner and try the cuchinillo croquettes and lamb chops. The chocolate martinis tastes like a milkshake. The place is priced to the nines so have the cash or your credit card handy. Cocktails and vodka mixers start at P300.

Martinis at the Mandarin Oriental


Reserve a table if you can, though it's also nice to just hang by the bar. It's a good place to start or end the evening. Martinis at the Mandarin Oriental really draws a sophisticated crowd of 30-somethings mixed in with an older set too. Going through the wide selection of potent martinis is entertainment enough but the bar has regular themed evenings that make things a little more interesting. Try the 007 martini, which is as potent and as dirty as it gets. Martinis are P400 to P500 a glass so be prepared to spend if you'd like to try a few.

There really is no set age limitation in any of these establishments. Whether you feel young at heart or you'd like to act your age, a fun night out is always highly recommended.

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