's Tips for Buffet Eating

Planning to feast this holiday season? We put together few guidelines to beating the buffet.

( It has to be said that numerous other publications have written about getting around the buffets. The best ways to cheat a buffet. The best ways to get out of a buffet alive. The best ways to avoid overeating at a buffet. We have four words to say to these nice idealists: eat, all, you, can. Take the advice of people who eat for a living: you don't go to a buffet while on a diet. You don't go to a buffet to think about cholesterol levels. You go to a buffet to eat-all you can!

The hefty price tag you pay for a buffet isn't simply a ticket for a meal; it's an exploration of various cuisines, a chance to tell your diet (and health) to eff off, a pass to be indulgent, ravenous-greedy, even-if only for a few hours. So we say, make the most out of it! How often do you go to Spiral or Heat or Vikings, anyway?


Manage your appetite with these simple strategies that could stretch your tummy to a size you didn't even know existed.



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1. Wear loose clothing.

Girls, save the bandage dress for the club; men, leave your skinny jeans in, well, 2013. Skip the belt, too, because those pants will fit well enough after the rampage. Treat it the same way you would a shopping trip in Hong Kong during August: be as comfortable as you can be while still looking decent. As you make trips back and forth and go around in circles unsure of what to get, your mental and physical capabilities will be exhausted. You don't want to add wardrobe malfunction to the mix, too! You shouldn't have to worry about how your bulging belly will look in your outfit (you shouldn't have to worry about your body, period.) Clothing restrictions are the last thing to think about. Now the choice between prime rib and lamb? That's a problem worth fussing over. Here's a bonus tip: have both!



2. Mix a variety of elements on your plate.

At a buffet, it's not really a matter of putting a little on your plate at a time then coming back for more later. You're only giving more work for the dishwashers. You can pile a load in one go as long as remember to select contrasting textures in tasting portions. You can color your plate, too. More colors on the plate means a more diverse set of nutrients-and it looks prettier for those requisite Instagram shots.

Work your way around the buffet. Get a piece of the roast beef from the carving station with the fries from the American section. Get the fish with some steamed veggies for crunch. Eating similarly textured items may lead to the annoying human limitation of umay. Piling on all meat in one round would exhaust your jaws and discourage you from having more even when you still have some room to spare.



3. Eat slowly.

Consider it a degustacion. Savor each bite. Just because you're eating a lot doesn't mean you can't be classy about it. Taste your food, don't inhale it. Relish the flavors, the top-notch ingredients, and the technical mastery, especially if you're at a buffet that costs slightly less than one month's grocery budget. Appreciate the details behind the price tag. For budget-friendly buffets, just appreciate the gift of unlimited food.

Eating slower will extend your appetite and tummy capacity. It'll also teach you to pace yourself.


4. Work through courses.

Go from appetizer to dessert-or, more accurately, light to heavy. As delectable as that soup is, try not to grab a bowl until you know you're nearing the end of your gastronomic journey. Soups are light but they can fill up your tank fast. The same goes for heavier carbs like rice and bread. Get them in small portions, just enough to create texture for your plate (See No. 2). Start with salads, dumplings, sashimi, a few slices of cheese. Warm up your appetite before the heavy stuff. It's like exercise, really.


Don’t get seconds unless you’re absolutely sure that you’ve tried everything you wanted to try, and maybe some that you didn’t plan on trying. This trick allows you to really explore the options of a buffet.



Work it off. We may support compulsive overeating (sporadically), but here at, we also believe in health, too! When you're feeling overstuffed, walk around, rest for a moment, have some tea, or a cup of warm water. This bonus tip is long term. Exercise regularly. Exercise lessens the guilt and gives you leeway to eat-and eat more!

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