Trending: Salted Egg Croissants in Manila

Croissants will never get old.

Salted Egg Croissant


( Trends give birth to spin-offs, just like the way Cronuts paved the way for Croclairs and Cruffins. We're spying another potential culinary craze—one that marries two of today's most fashionable "ingredients," salted egg and croissant. 


In April 2016, the pastry mavens behind Le Petit Souffle came out with an ultra limited-edition Salted Egg Lava Croissant. This dream of a treat was a demonstration of balance in terms of taste of texture: the rich, slightly sweet filling offset by the crinkly, airy flakiness of the pastry. 



Its departure from Le Petit Souffle's ever-evolving menu sent us spiraling back to reality. Taking up the challenge, however, is a new player. Japanese baking haven Jipan has come up with their own salted egg croissant. Their version sports a lighter custard filling, which certainly allows their other tasty pastries more stomach room. (They also have a new Cookies and Cream flavor, too.)


Always leading the pack, Wildflour Cafe + Bakery also have their own delectable rendition.


From sweet salted egg buns to savory salted egg wings to salty salted egg potato chips, we're definitely loving this trend. What about you? 


Photos from the official Facebook pages of Le Petit Souffle and Jipan

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