J.Co's Affogato is a budget-friendly way to beat the heat

Ice cream and coffee? We're sold!

(SPOT.ph) To beat Manila’s deadly combo of heat and humidity, you need an equally strong pair to match. Affogato, while an Italian invention, is just what we Metro Manila folk need: coffee (usually an espresso shot) for that jolt of energy to help you get through the day and a scoop of ice cream to help you keep your chill in this weather (and political landscape, to be honest). If you’re looking for a quick fix that won’t hurt your budget, J.Co Donuts offers their own take on the classic beverage with the Affogato Series (P155/Uno, P170/Due, P185/Tre) which comes in three exciting flavors.



From left to right: Iced Cafe Avocado Affogato, Iced Chocolate Affogato, Iced Jcoccino Affogato


If you love J.Co’s Avocado Dicaprio, the Iced Cafe Avocado Affogato is a must-try. This drink has a blend of avocado and coffee, and is then topped with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. If you want to keep things classic, go for the Iced Jcoccino Affogato (chocolate ice cream on top of J.Co’s signature coffee blend) while chocoholics and anyone watching their caffeine intake will enjoy the Iced Chocolate Affogato (chocolate ice cream on top of chocolate milk).


Photos courtesy of J.Co Donuts


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