The Tastiest Finds at Your Friendly Neighborhood Convenience Store

You can get a hearty meal, affordable snacks, and more.

( What would our lives be like today without convenience stores? They’ve made our lives easier by being a repository for all kinds of goods, from hair accessories to toiletries and even to underwear. But they’re especially valuable as a place to get great eats. Whether you’re just looking for a quick snack, a hearty meal, or a sweet dessert, convenience stores have got you, offering something for just about every kind of hankering no matter what time of day.

Each convenience store has its own strong suit. Ministop, for example, is known for its crispy-juicy fried chicken, while Lawson’s got some seriously creamy soft-serve. Family Mart has onigiri you can eat on the go, while you can find tasty sandwiches at 7-Eleven. What other convenience store eats should you keep an eye out for? We round up our picks in this video.

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