10 Tasty Eats at Your Friendly Neighborhood Convenience Stores

From fried chicken to soft-serve, filling sandwiches, and more.

(SPOT.ph) It’s kind of in the name, but we’ll say it anyway: convenience stores have made our lives easier in so many ways. They’ve grown in popularity over the past couple of years, and offer everything from hair accessories to toiletries to underwear—and of course, to food. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack, a hearty meal in a pinch, or a satisfying dessert you can grab on the go, convenience stores have it all—and often, at ultra-affordable prices. Here, we’ve rounded up 10 great eats from convenience stores around the Metro.

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Keep your eyes peeled for these 10 tasty convenience-store finds:

Ministop Fried Chicken (P72/one piece with rice, P130/two pieces with rice)

PHOTO BY Eri dela Rosa, Jodie Sanchez, Anna Villanueva

This fried bird is a fan favorite for good reason. It’s perfectly crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside, with the savory, umami goodness that’s best balanced out with spoonfuls of rice. Gravy is its classic pairing, but if you’re up for some heat, Ministop also lets you have it with spicy Mang Tomas.


7-Eleven Cheesy Caldereta (P75)

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
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Caldereta on steamed white rice is great on its own, but add cheese to the mix and you’ve got a real treat. That’s precisely what you get with this microwaveable meal, and boy, does the combo work—the beef is perfectly tender, while the cheese melts to an ooey, gooey consistency.

Lawson Bamboo Charcoal Soft-Serve (P25)

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Lawson regularly comes out with unusual soft-serve flavors, and this Bamboo Charcoal variant is one to watch for. It has a deep, dusky flavor we can best liken to being somewhat like chocolate, and it’s one of the creamier soft-serves that you’ll find at this price point.

Family Mart Onigiri (P55/a la carte, P65/with drink)

PHOTO BY Ian Santos

Hungry but in a rush? You can find these ultra-portable rice balls at Family Mart, which give you the goodness of rice plus your filling of choice (choose from the Tori Mix (chicken), Tuna Mayo, Salmon, Tinapa, and Spam) on the go. It’s only available in the BGC branches for now, but they’ll be rolling it out to more branches soon.

Ministop Moron (P25)

PHOTO BY Ministop Philippines

Moron is a Tacloban kakanin of glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk, sugar, and cocoa, steamed in banana leaves. It’s not something you’d commonly find in the city, but surprise, surprise!—you can get it at Ministop for less than P30. Pair it with a mug of hot coffee or tea for a sweet afternoon treat.

7-Eleven City Blends Coffee (P25/small, P35/medium, P45/large)

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

This godsend from 7-Eleven is a great option for when the going gets tough on a workday and you don’t want to have to spend more than a hundred bucks at a coffee shop. It’s got a deep and robust flavor—it even made it to our 2019 Top 10 Brewed Coffee for P50 and Under in Manila list.

Lawson Milky Cake Cup (P69)

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Keep an eye out for this dessert the next time you’re at a Lawson branch. It’s got layers of a soft and moist cake, caramel, and cream, making for a tres leches-like treat that’s ultra-affordable, too.

7-Eleven Egg Salad Sandwich (P42)

PHOTO BY Eri dela Rosa, Jodie Sanchez, Anna Villanueva

Egg salad sandwiches are a Japanese convenience store staple, and locally, you can get your fill at 7-Eleven. With pillowy white bread sandwiching a creamy egg-salad filling, this sandwich makes for a great light meal or filling snack any time of the day.

Family Mart Chocolate Walnut Cookie (P42)

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Perk up a dreary afternoon with this chocolate-walnut number from Family Mart. It’s a huge cookie—about four inches in diameter—studded with chocolate chips all throughout. What really wins us over is its texture—it’s got an incredible chewiness that makes it hard to resist going back for more bites.

Lawson Chicken Teriyaki Siopao (P42)

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Tired of the usual asado or bola-bola? This Chicken Teriyaki Siopao might just do the trick. Inside each steamed bun is a generous amount of tender chicken chunks in a sweet and savory sauce. The ratio of bun to filling is spot on, and it’s one of those rare siopao that’s good even when it’s cooled down.

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