Pancake "Cereal" Is the New Food Trend You Need to Try

All you need is a regular box of pancake mix!

You may have noticed that pancake boxes are harder to find during grocery runs these days and that's probably because people are stocking up their pantry with this useful and versatile grocery item—it's especially handy when you're stuck at home, but still want a good variety of food options. Besides the obvious pancakes, there are lots of other cool snacks you can make with pancake mix like crêpes or chocolate chip cookies. Another pancake hack you can add to your list of quarantine food projects is the pancake "cereal": a quarantine food trend that started from a TikTok user known as @TheNaughtyFork. It's essentially several tiny pancakes cooked in a big batch and served together in a bowl, resulting in a snack that resembles cereal. 


We know it sounds a little funny since the pancake "cereals" are simply coin-sized pancakes that don't even necessarily go with milk, but it's still worth a try for the added crisp and texture, plus it ensures that the maple syrup gets spread out evenly. It's also a great way to spice up your daily breakfast options and have some fun in the kitchen!

You'll need pancake mix, milk or water, butter, and maple syrup for this recipe.
PHOTO BY Ashley Martelino

If you know how to make pancakes, whether from scratch or straight out of a box, then you can definitely make this cool food trend. Here's how:

  1. Make your pancake batter as instructed, but a little thicker than usual—try adding less water or milk than the recipe normally calls for. This will help keep your mini "cereal" pieces from spreading too wide or sticking to each other on the pan.
  2. Place the pancake batter in a piping bag. A makeshift piping bag (a zip storage bag with the corner cut off), a squeeze-type condiment bottle, or a spoon will work, too!
  3. Place a slab of butter on a nonstick pan and wait for it to completely melt.
  4. Pipe or spoon coin-sized pancakes onto the pan. Feel free to fit as many as you can on one pan to lessen overall cooking time.
  5. Flip the pancakes onto the other side with a spatula once tiny bubbles start forming on the top.
  6. Toss the tiny pancakes around the pan until you achieve a golden brown color on both sides. Leave them on a little longer if you want extra crunch on the edges, but be careful not to burn them.
  7. Serve in a bowl, add a chunk of butter on top, and drizzle with syrup!
You can easily make the entire serving on just one pan.
PHOTO BY Ashley Martelino
Here's what they look like when they're done!
PHOTO BY Ashley Martelino
Time to eat!
PHOTO BY Ashley Martelino

Similar to regular-sized pancakes, you can top the pancake cereal with fresh fruit, chocolate, bacon, or whatever toppings you prefer. You can even use different types of batters like coffee-flavored pancakes, flourless pancakes adjusted to your diet, or anything else you can think of. Happy snacking!

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