Birthdays, Thesis, Bottomless Iced Tea: People Are Sharing Their Fondest Memories of The Chocolate Kiss Café

More than a restaurant, Choc Kiss was a sanctuary for the folks of UP Diliman.

PHOTO BY The Chocolate Kiss Café

( The closure of The Chocolate Kiss Café is more than just the closure of a restaurant; it's also the closure of a sanctuary for the folks of UP Diliman. Established in 1997, the café has played host to numerous meals, get-togethers, dates, celebrations, and more of UP students, faculty, and visitors over the years.

The typical Isko and Iska would save several days' worth of allowance to be able to eat at this fancy establishment tucked in UP Diliman's Ang Bahay ng Alumni building—one on the ground floor and another on the second—and the chance to do so was usually marked with lots of pictures, loud discussions, great food, and the best deal of all, Choc Kiss's Bottomless Iced Tea.

We know we won't be able to forget the usual quiet of entering the "TBA" building only to be greeted by the warm bustle of waiters and diners once inside the café. Nor the black, plastic chairs, the old piano to the side on the second floor branch, that strange geometric divider, the unique, the cake display we could spend hours just staring at, that triangle-shaped menu—and certainly not all the dishes and desserts that were served there. People have thus taken to Twitter to share their favorite memories of the restaurant—and we've rounded up the funniest, most touching, most endearing posts we've found.


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We'll miss all the happy times!

Anyone else use unli-iced tea as thesis fuel?


Choco Kiss was always a good choice.

Did you know that their iced tea made it to our Top 10 list in 2015?

What a nice treat!


We couldn't think of a happier ending.

At least we'll always have pictures.

Stress-eating, but hey, at least it wasn't junk food!


It holds a special place in our hearts, too!

Definitely worth the struggle.

Nothing better than rewarding yourself with good food.

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