You Can Now Have Bagnet in a Sandwich and Yes It Actually Works

File under: Genius inventions.

( There's no shortage of sandwiches you can try—from grilled cheese, to BLTs, to egg salad. But what about crispy, savory bagnet or juicy chorizo in between soft pan de sal? XO 46 Heritage Bistro's doing exactly that with their Panwiches, or sandwiches made with pan de sal and various fillings.

Looking to treat your inner carnivore? Try the Smoked Bagnet Crunch (P239)—it's got crispy, succulent bits of smoky bagnet that are perfect against the slightly sweet pan de sal. Prefer a lighter bite? Go for the Beer-Batter Fish (P249), which features a crisp-on-the-outside, flaky-on-the-inside beer-battered fish patty. Last but not least is the choriburger-inspired Chori Cheese Scramble (P229), which will transport you to Boracay with its sweet-savory profile. The Panwiches are available for delivery—just give XO 46 Heritage Bistro a call at 8553-6566, 0945-615-8255, or 0927-590-7335.

XO 46 Heritage Bistro is a homegrown Filipino restaurant that opened in 2010. Aside from the Panwiches, they also make amazing Adobong Baka sa Bawang.


For orders, contact 8553-6566, 0945-615-8255, or 0927-590-7335. For more information, check out XO 46 Heritage Bistro's Facebook page.

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