The Best Caramel Cakes You Can Get Delivered Right Now

This old-fashioned cake continues to stand the test of time.

Updated as of August 30, 2022.

Where to Order the Best Caramel Cakes Manila
PHOTO BY Max's Corner Bakery ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( Cakes come and go, but some continue to stand the test of time—like a classic caramel cake. These cakes highlight the deep and buttery flavor of caramel in a soft and fluffy medium, making them a crowd pleaser for dessert lovers of all ages. If you’ve been wondering where to find them in Manila, look no further as these shops bake stellar versions that you can have delivered or be brought to your doorstep.

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On the lookout for something sweet? Here are the best caramel cakes for when the the craving next hits:

Costa Brava

Caramel Cake from Costa Brava
PHOTO BY Klara Iskra Añonuevo/ Archives

Costa Brava’s Caramel Cake (starts at P700) is our absolute favorite in Manila, thanks to its ultra-light consistency and creamy caramel icing that surprisingly manages not to be too sweet. The cake-to-frosting ratio is spot-on, too. They don’t deliver, but you can give them a call at least a day before to order and book your own Grab or Lalamove car to get it sent to your doorstep.

For orders, contact 8896-1267, 8896-6872, 8403-6627, or 8984-3949. You can also check out Costa Brava’s Instagram page.

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Pasteleria Manila

Caramel Cakes from Pasteleria Manila
PHOTO BY Facebook/Pasteleria Manila

Pasteleria Manila’s Caramel Cakes (starts at P655) aren’t just any caramel cake; you have the option to add written dedications, so you can put in just about any message from “happy birthday” to “kain na lang tayo nang kain”. For an even dreamier treat the hits two birds with one stone, don't miss the brazo de mercedes hybrid variation dubbed the Brazo Con Caramel Cake (starts at P1,080).

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For orders, check out Pasteleria Manila’s website.

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Buttery & Co.

Caramel Cake from Buttery and Co.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Buttery & Co.

While they’re better known for their cheese tarts, Buttery and Co. also makes a fine Caramel Cake (starts at P1,250/eight-inch round) with a pillowy chiffon-cake base and not-too-sweet caramel topping. It also comes in a smaller snack-sized portion, dubbed the Caramel Cake Slice (P85/piece), which finished third on our 2019 Top 10 Caramel Cakes list. You can visit Buttery & Co.’s website, send them a DM on Instagram, or message them on Viber for orders.

For orders, visit Buttery & Co.’s website. You can also send them a message on Instagram, or through Viber at 0915-333-3990.

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Olive Tree Cakes & Pastries

Caramel cakes from Olive Tree Cakes and Pastries
PHOTO BY Facebook/Olive Tree Bread and Pastries

Cainta-based Olive Tree bakes their Caramel Cake (P1,000) fresh upon order, so you can be assured of a great-quality pastry every time. With layers of fluffy chiffon cake, a caramel filling and frosting, and buttercream, it's a no-fail take on the classic; just be sure to place your preorders at least a day or two in advance.

For orders, send a email to You can also send a message to Olive Tree Cakes & Pastries on Facebook or Instagram.

Malia Home Bakery

Caramel cakes from Malia Home Bakery
PHOTO BY Malia Home Bakery

For a classic caramel cake that jiggles as you slice, don't miss the version by Malia Home Bakery (P650/six inches, P850/eight inches). It pits together two pillowy layers of chiffon cake with a light, silky caramel filling that's so lush you could eat it by the spoonful.

For orders, contact 0917-722-1153. You can also check out Malia Home Bakery's Facebook page.

Miss Flour

Caramel cakes from Miss Flour
PHOTO BY Facebook/Miss Flour

Baked fresh every day and made with premium ingredients and zero preservatives, Parañaque-based Miss Flour has Caramel Cake (P850/seven by 10 inches) that may well be the South’s best-kept secret. Heck, just look at it glisten from the outside before revealing an interior of soft chiffon. You can order by sending them a message on their social media accounts and paying through GCash or bank deposit (BDO or BPI).

For orders, send a message to Miss Flour on Facebook or Instagram.


Caramel cakes from Wildflour
PHOTO BY Wildflour

For the sophisticated snacker, Wildflour's Caramel Cake (P1,400/mini, P1,690/whole) has a more buttery and complex-tasting caramel than most. This filling and frosting enrobes soft layers of sponge for a sultry treat you won't be able to resist getting seconds of.

For orders, visit Wildflour To-Go's website.

Becky’s Kitchen

Caramel cakes from Becky’s Kitchen
PHOTO BY Klara Iskra Añonuevo/ Archives

Becky’s makes simple but charming cakes, among which is the Caramel Cake. It's got a swoon-worthy combo of a buttery cake embraced by a thick layer of caramel icing. You can give them a call for orders, then book your own courier to get it picked up from their Malate or Pasig outpost and delivered. The nine-inch round version (P675) is available anytime, but if you’re after the bigger sizes—namely, the 13-by-nine inch (P1,350) or 16-by-12 inch (P2,025) versions—you’ll have to call them two days in advance.

For orders, call 8523-4245 (Malate) or 8671-7606 (Pasig).

Hizon’s Cakes and Pastries

Caramel Cakes from Hizon’s Cakes and Pastries
PHOTO BY Facebook/Hizon's Cakes and Pastries

More than amazing ensaymada (and plenty of sass), Hizon’s also bakes a great Caramel Cake (P1,650/round, P1,900/square, P2,300/rectangular) that’s made to order. You can also opt to have text and decorations written on top—you can't beat a cake with a message after all.

For orders, contact 0916-507-6723 or send a message to Hizon’s Cakes and Pastries on Facebook or Instagram.


Caramel cakes from Estrel’s
PHOTO BY Klara Iskra Añonuevo/ Archives

Estrel’s has been baking up caramel cakes since the '40s, so you know they must be doing something right. The proof is in the pudding—er, Caramel Cake (starts at P950)—what with its simple but stellar pairing of a light sponge cake and velvety caramel icing.

For orders, contact 8376-7317, 8372-2965, 8376-7315, or 8371-7938. You can also fill out the order form on their website. For more information, check out Estrel’s Caramel Cake’s Facebook page.

Honorable mentions

For Goodness Cakes

Caramel cakes from For Goodness Cakes
PHOTO BY Facebook/For Goodness Cakes PH

For Goodness Cakes’ Caramel Chiffon Cake (P550/six inches, P800/eight inches, P1,100/10 inches) consists of a chiffon cake base that uses fresh eggs and French butter, and a delicate caramel frosting that matches the cake’s lightness. As of August 2022 they are not accepting orders.

For orders, send a message to For Goodness Cakes on Facebook or Instagram.

Max’s Corner Bakery

Max’s Corner Bakery Caramel Cakes
PHOTO BY Max's Corner Bakery

Max’s bakeshop now makes Caramel Cake (P499/five inches)—a light but rich-tasting, buttery take on the classic, with a fluffy vanilla chiffon cake filled with buttercream and frosted with caramel custard icing. You can place your orders through Max’s delivery website.

For orders, find Max’s Corner Bakery on Max’s delivery website.

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