Roadtest: We Try "The World’s Strongest" Truffle Chips

Are they worth the P400 price tag?


( Truffle-flavored treats are popular around the country, and for good reason. The mushroom has an intoxicating, one-of-a-kind taste and aroma that works wonders for savory dishes (and even sweet ones, at times!). So when we heard news that Singaporean brand Aroma Truffle & Co. had made their Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips available in the Philippines, we definitely had to try it.

These special snacks are said to be the "world's strongest truffle chips", with each chip being "100% hand-cooked and glazed with the finest black summer truffles harvested from the Italian suburbs." The catch? One 100-gram pack goes for P400. This is not totally surprising, as truffles are rare and can be expensive—as are derivative products like mushroom oil, paste, and the like. Still, we wanted to know: is the hype for these chips real? And is it worth dropping P400 for a bag of potato chips?

The Truffle Chips come in a convenient resealable bag. 
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Price and availability: It's P400 for a 100-gram bag if you order directly from Aroma Truffle. You can also get it from Delidrop for P420. The truffle chips come in other flavors like Parmesan Cheese and Honey Dijon, but we stuck with the original for now.

Best for: Those with a taste for the finer things in life. Or anybody who appreciates truffle and has P400 to spare.

Best with: A fancy-schmancy chip deserves a fancy-schmancy sip. Try a champagne or a dry white wine—they naturally go great with mushrooms, and their tannins can help cut through the chips' slight greasiness. But hey, these chips are versatile enough that they'd also go with a tall, ice-cold glass of soda!

From the aroma alone, these chips are intoxicating. 

Tastes like: Open the bag and take a sniff inside, and you get a powerful whiff of the distinctive, savory fragrance of truffle. The flavor thankfully lives up to its strong aroma: it's potent on the truffle, but thankfully does not taste of gasoline (as some other truffle treats tend to be), and still allows the salty, potato-y taste of the chips to shine through.

According to the ingredient list, these chips do contain some amount of dried truffle—specifically Tuber Aestivum Vitt, or summer truffles—and it does pay off in the result, making for a deep, earthy experience like nothing else. We also love the chips' ridged surface, which makes for an extra-crispy experience.

Manage your expectations: They're expensive, alright, but you do get what you pay for. The potent flavor means you don't need a lot to feel satisfied, anyway, so you can savor a bag for longer. We do wish the chips were a touch less oily though. Be prepared to have your fingers and breath smell like truffle, too. (Then again, that might not be such a bad thing.)

Yay or nay: It's a yay for us—we can't wait to try the other flavors!

For orders, send a message to Aroma Truffle Philippines on Facebook.

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