This Layered Dessert Is Like Tiramisu for Cookie Lovers

PHOTO BY Facebook/Nth Course ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( If you love tiramisu, then you'll know that the classic version with coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese is always a treat. While we'll always have a soft spot for its traditional iteration and have of course put together a list of 10 favorites around Manila, we recently spotted a similar dessert with a more contemporary spin that both tiramisu and cookie fans will love. Meet the Course 3: a one-of-a-kind creation by online seller Nth Course that consists of cookies layered with a cream cheese and cloud coffee cream filling, cocoa powder, and Mediterranean sea salt.

Grab a spoon and dig in!
PHOTO BY Facebook/Nth Course

Nth Course describes the Course 3 as the result "if tiramisu and ice cream had a baby", but it's not exactly ice cream—though you can enjoy it frozen if you prefer! Just be sure to thaw it slightly before you dig in. It's available in four flavors, each differing in the kind of cookies used. The Classic (P170/eight ounces) uses butter cookies, The Chocolate Chip (P185/eight ounces) uses chocolate-chip cookies, The Peanut Butter (P185/eight ounces) uses peanut-butter cookies, and The Biscoff (P185/eight ounces) uses Biscoff cookies. By default they're caffeinated, but you can also get a decaf version at no extra charge!

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You can't go wrong with The Classic!
PHOTO BY Facebook/Nth Course
Coffee + chocolate make sweet love in The Chocolate Chip.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Nth Course
The Peanut Butter uses oh-so-nutty peanut butter cookies!
PHOTO BY Facebook/Nth Course
Love cookie butter? Don't miss The Biscoff.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Nth Course

For a limited time, Nth Course is also offering the Course 3 in mason jars. Get your fix of The Classic (P395/12 ounces, P460/16 ounces), The Chocolate Chip (P410/12 ounces, P475/16 ounces), The Peanut Butter (P410/12 ounces, P475/16 ounces), or The Biscoff (P410/12 ounces, P475/16 ounces) in easy-to-store jars that wonderfully showcase the dessert's many layers.

You can get the Course 3 in mason jars for a limited time only!
PHOTO BY Facebook/Nth Course

Get your fix of this dessert by checking their social media pages for the available dispatch dates—as of writing, the next cut-off for orders is on November 12 and the dispatch dates are on November 13 and 14. Just send Nth Course a message on Facebook or Instagram  with your name, address, mobile number, orders, and preferred payment method (GCash, Paymaya, or BDO or PNB bank deposit).

Still hankering for tiramisu? One of our other favorite contemporary versions is the crunchy Tiramisu Croccante by Cibo. And if you're looking for traditional tiramisu, be sure to try out Little Butter's version!

Cibo's Tiramisu Croccante uses a flaky pastry instead of the usual ladyfingers.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Cibo
Little Butter's Tiramisu is a well-executed take on traditional tiramisu.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Little Butter

For orders, send a message to Nth Course on Facebook or Instagram.

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