Savory Cake Is a Thing; This One's a Must for Fried-Chicken Fans

Unconventional? Sure. Delicious? Heck yeah.

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( When you say cake, what likely comes to mind is the sweet, icing-coated kind that's served for dessert. But in Thailand, there's another kind of cake: the moo tod cake, a savory layered concoction with rice and other ingredients topped with fried pork. Samyan at The Grid Food Market has come up with their own version: meet the Gai Tod Cake, their take on the said trendy dish but topped with crisp, juicy pieces of Thai-style fried chicken!

Try a savory cake for a change!
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

The Gai Tod Cake (P890/seven inches) has layers of Thai-style fried chicken (a.k.a. marinated chicken with a light and crisp batter that's fried to a crisp), jasmine rice, green papaya salad, shrimp, peanuts, and other ingredients in the form of "cake" that you can share with friends and family. You also get a green chili sauce that ties all the flavors together. Be sure to get a bit of each ingredient in every bite, so you can savor its distinctly Thai combo of salty, sweet, sour, and spicy flavors with tons of crunch and crispness to boot!

Check out those layers of Thai-style fried chicken, rice, green papaya salad, and other ingredients.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
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Make sure to get a bit of everything in each bite!
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Hungry yet? The Gai Tod Cake will be launching available for Wednesday and Saturday pickups starting November 21, but you can preorder your cake as early as now. Simply give them a call at 0917-707-7459, fill out their order form, visit The Grid Food Market's website, or send Samyan a message on Facebook or Instagram. You can also book a courier to get it delivered, though Samyan recommends booking a car to ensure the cake arrives in the ideal condition.

Samyan is a stall at The Grid Food Market that offers Thai eats. Give their Creamy Laksa with Shrimp a try, too—it's as silky on the tongue as it is full of flavor!

We also love Samyan's Creamy Laksa with Shrimp!

To go with the savory cake, we recommend having a sweet and creamy drink alongside—like Good Karma Bakery's bottled Mylk drinks. It comes in flavors like Korean Strawberry, Matcha, and Ube!

Good Karma Desserts' Korean Strawberry Mylk is made with fresh milk and fresh Baguio strawberries. 
PHOTO BY Facebook/Desserts by Good Karma
It comes in Matcha and Ube variants, too!
PHOTO BY Facebook/Desserts by Good Karma

For orders, you can contact 0917-707-7459, fill out their order form, or visit The Grid Food Market's website. You can also send Samyan a message on Facebook or Instagram.


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