Relive Your Childhood: Where to Order Iskrambol for Delivery

Missing the classic iced dessert?

PHOTO BY Facebook/Iskrambol Manila, Facebook/Snacks & Ladders ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( Adulthood has its perks—like being able to make your own decisions and being armed with experience to guide you in making better decisions in your day-to-day life. But it doesn’t hurt to reminisce once in a while about your childhood and all the things that came with it. If you’re a typical Pinoy, that probably involves iskrambol—the whimsical Filipino part-merienda, part-dessert that’s sold as street food. Usually consisting of a pink, ice-blended base (we can’t quite identify what it tastes like exactly, but banana flavoring comes to mind) plus toppings like milk powder, marshmallows, sprinkles, and different syrups, it’s got a bright pop of color and practically screams happiness in a cup. We can’t quite age backwards, but there’s nothing stopping you from having a serving or two of iskrambol as an adult—especially when you can order it online and get it delivered.


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Treat your inner child with iskrambol from these online sellers:

Iskrambol Manila

Iskrambol Manila
PHOTO BY Facebook/Iskrambol Manila

Based in Congressional Extension, Quezon City, Iskrambol Manila sells DIY Iskrambol (P299/good for four to five) that has a liter of the pink ice base in a bucket, plus chocolate syrup, mini mallows, buttermilk powder, and sprinkles for you to assemble your own cups. Just send them a message on social media to try it out yourself.

For orders, send a message to Iskrambol Manila on Facebook or Instagram.

Pinoy Klasik Iskrambol

Pinoy Klasik Iskrambol
PHOTO BY Facebook/Pinoy Klasik Iskrambol
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Pinoy Klasik Iskrambol aims to bring back your sweet childhood memories through their version, which is served in frappe-sized cups. You can get a 16-ounce (P50) or 22-ounce (P80) cup with toppings (milk powder, sprinkles, and mallows) and your choice of syrup (chocolate, strawberry, mixed). If you’re after a more chocolatey bite, you can go for the Cookie Krambol (P50/16 ounces, P80/22 ounces) that’s topped with crushed Oreos. Just send them a message on Facebook or Instagram to get your fix.

For orders, send a message to Pinoy Klasik Iskrambol on Facebook or Instagram.

Avenida Pedestrian Delights

Avenida Pedestrian Delights Iskrambol
PHOTO BY Facebook/Avenida Pedestrian Delights

You can get all sorts of street-food eats from Avenida Pedestrian Delights—fishballs, taho, you name it! You definitely don’t want to miss their Ice Iskrambol, which comes as a kit with iskrambol syrup, mini mallows, and a special milk-topping & drizzle sauce (note that crushed ice is not included). Just head over to their order form to get your fix.


For orders, fill out Avenida Pedestrian Delights’ order form. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Scramble City Ph

Scramble City Ph
PHOTO BY Facebook/Scramble City Ph

Located in Greenwoods Village, Pasig City, Scramble City Ph sells Scramble Sets (P320/good for eight to 10 six-ounce servings) with everything you need to make a colorful cup—a 2.5-liter plastic tub of scramble, mini mallows, sprinkles, classic powder, premium chocolate syrup, and even four sets of plastic cups and mini spoons! Go ahead and send them a message for orders.

For orders, send a message to Scramble City Ph on Facebook or Instagram.

Snacks & Ladders

Snacks & Ladders Scramble
PHOTO BY Facebook/Snacks & Ladders

Missing this Maginhawa-street board game café in the new normal? You can support them by ordering from their selection of food and drinks—and that includes the Ice Scramble (P129). Their ready-to-eat take on the merienda treat has scramble mix, powdered milk, marshmallows, and chocolate syrup and comes in a tall cup. You can visit their delivery page for orders.

For orders, visit Snacks and Ladders’ delivery website. You can also check out Snacks and Ladders’ Facebook page.

What’s in Store PH

What’s in Store PH Scramble
PHOTO BY Facebook/What's In Store PH

What’s in Store PH is located in Tandang Sora, Quezon City and specializes in good-for-sharing DIY sets of the Specialty Ice Scramble. Choose from the one-liter Family Set (P150/good for four to six) or the two-liter Squad Set (P250/good for 10 to 12)—both of which come with skimmed milk, marshmallow, sprinkles, rice crispies or corn flakes, choco chips or crushed Oreos, and chocolate and strawberry syrups. Hit up their Facebook or Instagram DMs to get your fix.


For orders, send a message to What’s in Store PH on Facebook or Instagram.

Iskrambol Time

Iskrambol Time
PHOTO BY Facebook/Iskrambol Time

If you’re looking to get your iskrambol fix in Taguig, make sure to bookmark Iskrambol Time’s social media pages. Their version comes in Small (P35), Medium (P55), and Large (P65) sizes, all assembled in a cup so all you have to do is dig in! They also have Iskrambol Kits if you prefer to go the DIY route—choose from the one-liter Friendly Set (P199) or the 1,600-ml Family Set (P269), both of which are available in Classic (strawberry), Ube, and Chocolate flavors and have chocolate and strawberry syrups, skimmed milk, and your choice of toppings. You can send them a message on Facebook or Instagram to place an order.

For orders, send a message to Iskrambol Time on Facebook or Instagram.

Mary Icy Iskrambol

Mary Icy Iskrambol in Classic Strawberry and Creamy Ube
PHOTO BY Instagram/maryicyiskrambol

Quezon City-based Mary Icy Iskrambol makes their take on the dessert in different flavors—Classic Strawberry, Creamy Ube, Chocolate, Jumbled (strawberry plus ube), and Chocoberry (chocolate and strawberry). You can choose between the 16-ounce Medium size (P55) or 22-ounce Large size (P75) for this icy treat—both have the essential toppings, milk, and syrup, though the Large size also comes with cream cheese. Just send them a text or give them a call for orders.

For orders, contact 0966-930-6101 or 0947-164-2278. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Iskrambol MNL

Iskrambol MNL
PHOTO BY Facebook/Iskrambol MNL

Mandaluyong folks, you can get your iskrambol fix from Iskrambol MNL. Their ready-to-eat version is available in 16-ounce (P45), 22-ounce (P60), and one-liter (P80) cups—just take your pick based on how strong you’re craving the iced dessert. You can send them a message on Facebook or Instagram for orders.

For orders, send a message to Iskrambol MNL on Facebook or Instagram.


My Cookie Lab

My Cookie Lab Scramble
PHOTO BY Facebook/My Cookie Lab

Don’t just stop at their cookies—My Cookie Lab also peddles DIY Ice Scramble kits (P149/good for two, P299/good for five, P549/good for 10) with milk powder, chcoolate syrup, and sprinkles, plus marshmallows and cornflakes for the good-for-five and good-for-10 versions. To place an order, you can simply send them a message on Facebook or Instagram.

For orders, send a message to My Cookie Lab on Facebook or Instagram.

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