The Best Places for Excellent Croissants in Manila

It doesn't get any butter than this.

PHOTO BY Facebook/GourmetFinds, The Daily Knead ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( What comes to mind when you think of French breads and pastries? Croissants likely top that list. This viennoiserie pastry may actually have roots in Austria (it’s believed to have been inspired by the Austrian crescent-shaped confection know as kipfel), but it became distinctly French as people started making it with puff pastry—a special laminated pastry that’s made by alternating thin layers of butter and dough (note that today, puff pastry is understood to be different from croissant dough). As it bakes, the fat in the layers of butter melts and lets out steam, puffing up and separating the layers—which results in the light, flaky character croissants are known for, as well as its telltale taste and aroma of butter. Looking to get your fix in Manila? You can’t go wrong with these excellent versions that you can also get delivered.


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These shops and online sellers make the best croissants in town:

Eric Kayser

Eric Kayser croissants
PHOTO BY Eric Kayser
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Eric Kayser hails from France—where they’re known as Maison Kayser—and you can count on them to make great versions of French breads and pastries. That includes their Croissant (P85), which they make with a natural liquid leaven and French butter, so you get a flaky exterior, chewy interior, and resounding buttery flavor. They also make Chocolate (P100), Almond (P125), Almond Chocolate (P135), Ham & Cheese (P170), and even Loaf (P295) versions of these bad boys. Go ahead and place your orders through their website.

For orders, visit Eric Kayser’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Butterboy Bakeshop

Butterboy Bakehouse croissants
PHOTO BY Butterboy Bakeshop

Though Butterboy Bakeshop claims to not be owned by a pastry chef (“just a pastry gay,” they write on their profile), they have some truly swoon-worthy croissants with the honeycomb-esque cross section and flakiness indicative of any good version. Aside from the plain croissant (P54/piece), they also make the chocolate-stuffed Pain Au Chocolat (P64.50), Ham and Cheese Croissant (P85), and Cube Croissant (P72.50), as well as seasonal flavors (as of writing they’ve got Raspberry Cheesecake, Pistachio Cube, and Taro croissants on their lineup!). Just visit their website for orders.

For orders, visit Butterboy Bakeshop’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

The Daily Knead

The Daily Knead croissants
PHOTO BY The Daily Knead

From sweet and savory danishes to hearty sourdough loaves, The Daily Knead has your bread needs covered. Their French Croissants (P400/six pieces, P595/six pieces) are well worth adding to your morning bread basket, as they’ve got the crisp-flaky surface and airy-yet-buttery insides—perfect for pairing with your favorite cup of joe. You can conveniently place your orders on their website.


For orders, visit The Daily Knead’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

PAUL Boulangerie

PAUL Boulangerie croissants
PHOTO BY Instagram/paulphilippines

For classic and reliable French breads and pastries in the Metro, PAUL—a bakery chain hailing from France—is a good place to start as they cover all bases: chewy baguettes, decadent gateaux, and flaky, buttery Croissants (P90). You can also go for the Chocolate (P100) version, or try it as the bread component in their croissant sandwiches with fillings like Smoked Salmon (P264) or even Adobo (P275). You can find PAUL on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

For orders, find PAUL Boulangerie on GrabFood or Foodpanda. You can also check out their Facebook page.



Taking three days to make, Komu’s Sourdough Hybrid Croissants (P150/piece) employ unbleached flour, which is known for letting baked goods better hold their shape; as well as Belgian butter, for full-on buttery flavor. They also make a version stuffed with jamon (P200). You can send them a message on social media to get your fix.

For orders, send a message to Komu on Facebook or Instagram.

28 Derby

28 Derby croissants
PHOTO BY Instagram/28derby

This White Plains-based bakery does just about any bread with great results. Aside from their sourdough, you’ll also want to try their Classic Croissants (starts at P75/piece)—an airy, flaky version that’ll leave buttery, paper-thin shards all over your lap (in a good way). Also on their menu is the Pain au Chocolat (starts at P85/piece), as well as the brioche-croissant hybrid loaf they dub the Monroe (P350/half, P650/whole). Just head over to their website and add to cart.


For orders, visit 28 Derby’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Masa Madre Bakehouse

Masa Madre Bakehouse croissants
PHOTO BY Facebook/Masa Madre Bakehouse

Masa Madre Bakehouse is based in Caloocan, with Chef Kris Edison Tan (who’s been invited to represent the Philippines at bread awards Mondial du Pain in France in 2017 and 2019) at the helm. Hit them up for your laminated-bread needs—including the Croissant (P450/six pieces). You can see how it’s properly laminated from the thin but distinct rolled layers when you look at it from the side; and you’re met with an airy honeycomb appearance and buttery aroma once you slice inside or take a bite. It’s also earned the praise of no less than Chef Myke “Tatung” Sarthou, who calls it “one of the best croissants in the country.” You can send them a social media message or email for orders.


For orders, send a message to Masa Madre Bakehouse on Facebook and Instagram. You can also send an e-mail to


Gourmetfinds croissants
PHOTO BY Facebook/GourmetFinds

Gourmetfinds’ Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies are our absolute favorite of its kind in the Metro, but you’ll also want to save room for their Croissants (P720/box of six, P1,440/box of 12). It’s the kind that tempts you in from its buttery aroma as you open the box, and goes on to leave a buttery imprint on your fingers. You’re also in for a treat with their other croissant variations—the Pain au Chocolat (P870/box of six, P1,740/box of 12), Almond Croissant (P870/box of six, P1,740/box of 12), Pistachio Croissant (P870/box of six, P1,740/box of 12), and Hazelnut Croissant (P870/box of six, P1,740/box of 12), as well as the sliceable loaf version they dub the Pain de Mie au Bierre (P550). You can place your orders at least four days in advance by messaging their number and booking a courier for pickup from their Forbes Park location.


For orders, contact 0921-762-2240. You can also check out their Facebook page.


Apero croissants
PHOTO BY Facebook/Apero

This Quezon City spot takes no shortcuts in making their breads and pastries. Don’t miss their Sourdough Croissants (P95)—crisp-yet-light, flaky contenders with a mild yet welcome tang from the sourdough. They also make a mean Pain au Chocolat (P100), but a one-of-a-kind variation you can try is the Coffee Sourdough Croissant (P125), which is available for pre-orders and gets a beautiful hickory hue and subtle robust note from the addition of Intelligentsia coffee. You can send them a message on social media or visit their website (hosted on sister resto Duck & Buvette’s website) to get your fix.

For orders, visit Apero on Duck & Buvette’s website. You can also send them a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Moving Feasts PH

Moving Feasts PH croissants
PHOTO BY Facebook/Moving Feasts PH

Based in Angeles City, Pampanga but delivering to Manila on weekends, Moving Feasts bakes up stunning Croissants (P500/eight pieces) with a gorgeous side profile that shows off distinctive, lightly-browned thin layers, as well as a light-yellow crumb within that hints at their use of lots of good butter. You can also go for their Pain au Chocolat (P550) for a bittersweet twist. Just message them on social media for orders.

For orders, send Moving Feasts PH a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Panaderya Toyo

Toyo Eatery’s bread-focused extension merges the world of sourdough bread and croissants with their Pure Sourdough Croissants (P160/piece, P880/box of six). Made with a sourdough starter, you get a subtle tang that balances out the richness of the butter. You can contact their mobile number or send them an e-mail to try these yourself.

For orders, contact 0917-720-8630 or email You can also check out their Instagram page.


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