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PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel/Spot.ph archives, Facebook/Medley Modern Mediterranean

(SPOT.ph) The Middle East is home to all sorts of amazing eats, and falafel ranks high as one of the tastiest and best-known dishes of the region. Essentially deep-fried balls made of legumes—Egyptians favor fava beans while Israelis go for chickpeas—they deliver tenderness and crunch in one nutty, often-slightly spiced bite. These falafel balls can be had plain but are also often made into a meal by being stuffed into a pita or flatbread, along with crisp veggies or pickles, rich and creamy hummus, sauces like silky-nutty tahini or a hot sauce, and more. We couldn’t be more thankful the dish has made its way to our shores, and if you’re looking for a great version, you can rely on these places that also take orders for delivery.

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Get your falafel fix delivered from these restaurants and shops:

Beni’s Falafel

PHOTO BY Facebook/Beni's Falafel
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Beni’s Falafel makes some of the best, real-deal Israeli eats in town. That of course includes their Falafel (P180/seven balls with tahini and spicy sauce), which are slightly crisp on the outside and fluffy and tender within with a subtle grainy character you can tell come from real chickpeas. You’ll want to try it as part of the Beni’s Falafel Sandwich (P225), which goes for a fairly straightforward mix of falafel, hummus, and a veggie salad in a pita with creamy tahini and a spicy sauce. If you can’t get enough of chickpeas, go for the Hummus with 7 Falafel Balls (P365), which goes for garbanzo-on-garbanzo action with their smooth and creamy hummus on the side. They’re on Foodpanda, but if you’re not in the Makati area, you can also get your fix by giving them a call.


For orders, find Beni’s Falafel on Foodpanda or contact 0906-349-1300. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Falafel Yo!


With the dish in its very name, you’d expect only great falafel from Falafel Yo! Their take on the classic (P169/10 patties) has a golden-brown exterior met with a light and fluffy interior that’s seasoned beautifully. The best way to have it is in their eponymous Falafel Yo! (P199)—which is basically a party in a pita. Each of these pita sandwiches has their falafel balls, white cabbage and a chopped salad for crispness, onion sumac for piquancy, fried eggplant for a soft and meaty bite, hummus for creaminess, and green chili for a welcome heat. It’s then drizzled with nutty tahini and tangy amba sauces that take every bite up several notches. A lighter option is the Falafelito (P149), which is similar to the Falafel Yo but smaller; and if you prefer a spicier bite, try the Ouchy Ouchy! (P219) which has falafel balls with spicy cauliflower, hot sauce, honey, and tahini. You can conveniently order through their website.


For orders, visit Falafel Yo!’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Hummus Elijah

PHOTO BY Facebook/Hummus Elijah

Hummus Elijah might be better known for their, well, hummus—but don’t miss their Falafel Balls (P150/with tahini and spicy dip). These are crisp-tender balls that are seasoned well that they still shine even when taken plain. For the best experience, your best bet is to go for the Elijah Combo (P400), which has a small serving of their famously silky-smooth hummus, three falafel balls, a small salad, and pita bread on the side. You can find Hummus Elijah on GrabFood or Foodpanda, or give their contact number a ring.

For orders, find Hummus Elijah on GrabFood or Foodpanda or contact 0905-313-4602. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Shawarma Snack Center

PHOTO BY Facebook/Shawarma Snack Center

Shawarma Snack Center has been around since the '80s, and to this day remains a reliable favorite for all kinds of Middle Eastern eats that taste true to their origins. Their falafels are no exception to this—think thin and crisp exterior and lightly spiced interior, making for a truly flavorful bite. Try it as part of the Falafel Meal (P150), a wrap with falafel and veggies like lettuce and tomatoes, plus fries, garlic and hot sauces, and Coke on the side. Just give them a call to get your fix.

For orders, contact 8521-2121. You can also check out Shawarma Snack Center’s Facebook page.

Medley Modern Mediterranean

PHOTO BY Facebook/Medley Modern Mediterranean

Medley is a go-to for all sorts of Mediterranean eats, including laffa wraps, bowls, and sides like their falafel. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these chickpea balls can be had as part of the Falafel & Dips (P209) where it’s served with hummus, matbukha (spicy red pepper dip), and a third sauce of your choice (tahini, garlic mayonnaise, mamba a.k.a. spiced mango sauce, or zhug a.k.a. spiced Middle-Eastern sauce). For a light but satisfying bite, go for the Falafel Crunch Power Bowl (P379)—a flavor fest with pita bread, a bright Moroccan carrot salad, tabbouleh, matbukha, fried eggplant, sauerkraut, and your choice of sauce. There’s also the Falafel Crunch Rice Bowl (P279), where the falafel is accompanied by Mediterranean rice, a zingy Israeli salad, fried eggplant, a naturally-sweet beet salad, matbukha, and your choice of sauce. Simply head to their website or find them on delivery apps to place an order.


For orders, visit Medley Modern Mediterranean’s website or find Medley Modern Mediterranean on GrabFood, Foodpanda, or Pickaroo. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Gang Green Falafels

PHOTO BY Facebook/gang green FALAFELS

Traditional falafel will always be good, but it’s also worth exploring how versatile the dish can really be. Let Gang Green Falafels show you just that with their lineup of creative falafel salads and sandwiches, some of which have falafels made with other legumes. For sandwiches there’s the relatively classic The No.1 (P260) with chickpea-fava falafel, hummus, a tart Israeli salad, and tzatziki in a pita—but you can also go for the margherita-pizza esque The No. 3 (P340) with chickpea falafels, red tahini, creamy labneh (yogurt cheese), tangy sundried tomato tapenade, grated egg yolk, and bulgur in an earthy malunggay pita; or the nutty The No. 5 (P320) with an edamame falafel, baba ganoush, zesty green tahini, robust black tahini, and ricotta in an ube pita. Just send them a message on social media for orders.


For orders, send a message to Gang Green Falafels on Facebook or Instagram.

Beiruti Bite Express

Beiruti Bite Express is a must whenever the craving for Lebanese flavors strikes, and aside from their meaty bestsellers, their crispy-tender falafel balls are well-loved, too. You can have it a couple of ways—from the BBE Falafel Sandwich (starts at P74/regular size) where it’s served in a wrap with veggies and pickles for a vibrant yet hearty bite, to the BBE Falafel Biryani (P159) which has falafels atop a spiced biryani rice base for a satisfying meal. You can also go for the BBE Vegan Falafel Burger (P140), a burger with a patty-shaped falafel in place of the usual meat. They’re on GrabFood and Foodpanda if you’d like to order, but you can also give the branch nearest you a call.

For orders, find Beiruti Bite Express on GrabFood or Foodpanda, or see a list of contact numbers. You can also check out Beiruti Bite Express’ Facebook page.



PHOTO BY Spicebird

Yup, there’s more to Spicebird than just their famous piri-piri chicken! Don’t miss their Falafel Bites (P175)—their take on the fried chickpea balls has a crunchy crust and a soft, well-seasoned interior. The kicker in these falafels is the sauce, as Spicebird dresses it up with garlic yogurt and their signature Piri-Piri Sauce which has a zingy profile with just a touch of heat. For a real hunger-buster, you can also go for the Piri-Piri Falafel Wrap (P295), where the falafels with Piri-Piri sauce and garlic yogurt are stuffed into a pita and served with a side salad, veggie chips, and your choice of Spicebird’s sauce (more Piri-Piri, Curry Curry, Garlic & Lime, or Hot Bird). Just visit The Grid’s delivery website to get your fix.

For orders, visit The Grid Food Market’s delivery website. You can also check out Spicebird’s Facebook page.



PHOTO BY Facebook/Bersi's

This Manila-based small shop specializes in three Middle-Eastern eats: tender shawarma, meaty kebabs, and crispy, flavorful falafel. You can have it in a wrap (starts at P120/regular) or with buttered rice (P140); both options are complete meals that come with falafels, hummus, sliced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and a creamy garlic sauce to tie everything together. If you’re feeding a crowd, you can also go for the Falafel Rice Tray (P510/regular, P960/large). Simply reach out to their number via mobile or Viber to try these dishes yourself.

For orders, contact 0966-592-5797 via mobile or Viber. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Yalla Yalla

PHOTO BY Facebook/Yalla Yalla PH

Don’t just stop at the kebabs when at Lebanese spot Yalla Yalla. Their falafels also deserve a spot on your must-try list with their thin and crisp crust and nutty, flavorful insides. You can try it with rice (P150) or as part of a wrap (P120), or order one of their DIY Falafel Wrap sets (P499/good for six , P999/good for 10) that come with falafel mix, pita bread, shatta (Middle Eastern hot sauce), and toum (garlic sauce). You can order via GrabFood or Foodpanda, or by giving them a call.

For orders, find Yalla Yalla on GrabFood or Foodpanda, or call 0907-604-7777. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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