What to Order This Week: Asian-Style Nachos, Leveled-Up Congee + More

Trade your usual delivery orders for these fresh bites.

best food to order
PHOTO BY Your Local, Instagram/thesaturdaygoose

(SPOT.ph) And just like that, we’ve reached the end of August—which means we’re just hours away from the start of the 'Ber months. If you’re having a hard time getting that to sink in (#same), you can at least try and welcome it with a bang—i.e., with savory eats that deliver on creativity and stellar, chef’s-kiss worthy flavors. For this round we’ve got nachos with Southeast Asian flair, a leveled-up take on a classic Chinese porridge, East-African fare, and more; get hungry, Spotters!


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These are our picks for the best food to order right now:

Beef Rendang Nachos from Your Local

best food to order
PHOTO BY Your Local

Tex-Mex and Southeast Asian worlds unite in Your Local’s new Beef Rendang Nachos (P430). Taking the place of the usual tortilla chips are fried wontons, which have a lighter sort of crispness that’s no less satisfying; it’s then served with their hearty beef rendang, a trio of sauces (cheese sauce, cilantro mayo, and sambal oelek), and pickled onions. Go ahead and layer them into a classic nacho plate, or just serve the elements separately and get dipping. Either way, you’ll want to get a little of everything to really experience how creamy, spicy, cheesy, and piquant worlds come together. To place an order, you can head over to the delivery website of their mother company, the Tasteless Food Group.

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For orders, visit Your Local on the Tasteless Food Group’s website. You can also check out Your Local’s Facebook page.

Pulled Pork Sliders from Gatong

best food to order
PHOTO BY Instagram/gatongqc

This backyard barbecue shop in Quezon City makes their own Texas-style pulled pork by smoking pork that’s been flavored with their homemade dry rub. The best way to have your fix of the resulting tender, flavorful meat is in the form of their Pulled Pork Sliders (starts at P275/solo with fries), where it’s sandwiched in between buns with a crisp cabbage slaw to boot. Simply send them a message on one of their social media platforms to order.


For orders, send a message to Gatong on Facebook or Instagram.

Adobo Beets from A Home Kewk x Miko Calo

best food to order
PHOTO BY Instagram/ahomekewk

Instagram cooking personality A Home Kewk (a.k.a. Bea Ledesma) has recently gone from just posting her cooking adventures on the platform, to doing that and selling her own food for pickup on Saturdays. She’s collaborated with Metronome’s Chef Miko Calo to whip up a special limited-edition dish that highlights the natural earthiness of red beets in a Filipino light. Dubbed the Adobo Beets (P450), it’s got cubes of the root vegetable slow-cooked in a savory-piquant adobo sauce that works beautifully with its natural sweetness. The beets are served over coconut-lemongrass rice, blistered Baguio beans, and homemade atsara; plus, it’s got a subtle smokiness thanks to being wrapped in banana leaves (a la binalot). They’re doing another run for this coming Saturday, September 4; just fill out their order form to get your fix. Don’t miss Ledesma’s killer Veggie Burger (P450), either.


For orders, fill out A Home Kewk’s order form. You can also check out their Instagram page.

Roast Goose Congee from The Saturday Goose

best food to order
PHOTO BY Instagram/thesaturdaygoose

With its warm, stick-to-your-ribs character, good ol’ congee pretty much epitomizes solace in a bowl. The Saturday Goose manages to take it out for an indulgent spin in their Roast Goose Congee (P280/solo, P1,200/tub), which is cooked with their own goose broth, topped with umami-rich century eggs, and given a drizzle of their congee sauce, cilantro, and spring onions for extra savoriness and zest. It’s just the thing to cozy up to now that the chilly ‘Ber months are almost here! Just send them a text or Viber message to order.


For orders, contact 0927-765-7986 via mobile or Viber. You can also check out The Saturday Goose’s Facebook page.

Takoyaki Chicken from Gang Gang Chicken

best food to order
PHOTO BY Gang Gang Chicken

With their wide range of flavors, Gang Gang Chicken gives you a myriad of ways to have your fried-chicken fix. The Takoyaki Chicken (starts at P249/half-order) might be their most ingenious yet, as it’s got their crispy chicken coated a la takoyaki—savory-sweet glaze, Japanese mayo, bonito flakes, aonori and all. The result? Umami-rich bites that are perfect on their own or with rice. Just head to their website to place an order.


For orders, visit Gang Gang Chicken’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Beef Pilau from Mapishi Food House

best food to order
PHOTO BY Instagram/mapishimanila

Curious about African cuisine? Get your fix from Quezon City spot Mapishi, which serves East-African eats cooked fresh by their chef from Tanzania. The Beef Pilau (starts at P290/single) is a great place to start. It’s one of their bestsellers, what with its a festive and flavorful combo of fork-tender beef, basmati rice cooked in their special blend of spices, chachandu salsa for heat, and kachumbari salad for a cooling, crisp counterpoint. You can find them on GrabFood or Foodpanda or head to their delivery website to place an order.


For orders, visit Mapishi Food House’s delivery website or find them on GrabFood or Foodpanda. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Smoked Beef Lechon Sandwich from Beefier

best food to order
PHOTO BY Beefier

Beefier makes their own smoked beef lechon that’s slow-cooked, roasted, and smoked in-house for a charred exterior with a succulent, subtly-smoky interior. It’s especially fantastic in their Smoked Beef Lechon Sandwich (P490), which we’d describe as a cross between a roast beef sandwich and banh mi with Filipino influences. It’s got 180 grams of their smoked beef lechon, their own lechon sauce, wholegrain mustard, and papaya salad in between schiacciata bread for a smoky, savory, zingy, crisp, soft, and crusty mix. This is available delivery via the delivery website of Lowbrow Casual Restaurants, a.k.a. the group behind Beefier.


For orders, visit Lowbrow Casual Restaurants’ delivery website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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