These Killer Fried-Chicken Sandwiches Are No Clucking Joke

Don John's
Yellocube, 2 Wilson Place, Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City; and The Greenery, Pope John Paul II Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City

Don John's fried chicken sandwiches
PHOTO BY Instagram/donjohnsph

( Almost any Filipino would agree that rice is life, but there's also a special place on our craving list for fried-chicken sandwiches. The way its pillowy buns make way to a crisp and juicy, deeply savory fried-chicken fillet—plus extras like shredded cabbage, mayonnaise, and the like—totally satisfies. We've got our share of go-to spots in Manila, but if you happen to be in Cebu, here's where you can get your fix: Don John's is a shop with outdoor-dining branches in Lahug and Mabolo, and we're telling you, their fried-chicken sandwiches are unreal.


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Don John's Original Chicken Sandwich
We'll just leave this here.
PHOTO BY Instagram/donjohnsph

Try not to drool over this Cebuano shop's fried chicken sandwiches:

Don John's gives you three ways to satisfy your hankering. The Don John's Original Chicken Sandwich (P190/solo, P245/with Crinkle Fries) is the most basic, but it's absolutely no bore as it features two hunky chicken-thigh fillets that makes a resounding crunch against the soft potato bun cradling it. The Don John's Deluxe Chicken Sandwich (P210/solo, P255/with Crinkle Fries) takes things up a notch with the addition of lettuce, cheese, and their own Don Sauce for extra creaminess and crispness.

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Don John's Deluxe Chicken Sandwich
Choices, peeps!
PHOTO BY Instagram/donjohnsph

If heat is your middle name, the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich (P210/solo, P255/with Crinkle Fries) is your best bet. This heavyweight sandwich is available in four levels—from the completely un-spicy Plain Jane to the Mild, Hot, and Reaper—and pairs their signature chicken thigh fillets with coleslaw for a creamy-crisp contrast, and a blue-cheese sauce that makes for an even more umami bite.

Don John's Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
Each sandwich has two crispy fillets of fried chicken thighs.
PHOTO BY Instagram/donjohnsph

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Looking for a more straightforward chicken fix? Don John's also cooks up killer chicken tenders that you can have as part of The Don Combo (P210), which has six crispy tenders in your flavor of choice (Original, Mild, Hot, or Reaper) atop Crinkle Fries and their Don Sauce. You could also go for their wings, which comes in an array of flavors—from the spicy Buffalo (P200/solo, P220/rice combo) to the cheesy Garlic Parmesan (P190/solo, P210/rice combo) to the rich-AF Salted Egg (P200/solo, P220/rice combo). And if you can't head to any of their locations, you can also reach out to their contact numbers for pickup or delivery orders.

Don John's The Don Combo
They've got chicken tenders and wings, too!
PHOTO BY Instagram/donjohnsph

Don John's has branches at Yellocube, 2 Wilson Place, Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City and The Greenery, Pope John Paul II Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City. For pickup and delivery orders, contact 0906-412-9476 or 0961-538-7322 (Lahug branch); or 0968-650-6380 or 0956-278-4486 (Mabolo branch). You can also check out their Facebook page.


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