Good Ol’ Cheese Doughnuts Go the Creamy and Smoky Route in This Drool-Worthy Version

With a creamy cheese filling and torched parmesan topping.

triple cheese doughnuts from dot coffee
PHOTO BY Dot Coffee ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( Doughnuts come in different forms around the world, but here in the Philippines, you're likely familiar with the panaderia fave that is bicho-bicho—a chewy, sugar-coated number that can be plain or stuffed with cheese. The latter version, in particular, has a savory-sweet profile that just toes the line between being a snack and a dessert—and though the classic kind you can get at Filipino bakeries will always have a place in our hearts, there's also no reason you can't explore how it can be remixed and played around with. Heck, one new treat in particular caught the attention of our taste buds for how it takes the classic cheese doughnut to a whole 'nother level: Check out Dot Coffee's new Triple Cheese Doughnuts!

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triple cheese doughnuts from dot coffee
Here's a different take on classic cheese doughnuts. 
PHOTO BY Dot Coffee

These new doughnuts have our heart and here's why:

The Triple Cheese Doughnuts (P50/solo, P180/box of four) is a magnified cheese-on-cheese situation, with Dot Coffee's chewy housemade doughnuts filled with a creamy cheese mix and topped with parmesan cheese! The kicker is how they're torched on top—which adds a smoky edge that totally goes with the other elements' savory-sweet mix. The resulting treat is as consoling in its familiarity as it is surprisingly complex, and it sure doesn't hurt that it's not too sweet.

triple cheese doughnuts from dot coffee
The combo of the chewy doughnut, the creamy cheese filling, and the torched parmesan topping makes for one heck of a treat.
PHOTO BY Dot Coffee ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo
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Dot Coffee's got other new doughnuts well worth exploring, too—another standout among which is the Calamansi Brulee (P45/solo, P160/box of four) that's got a tangy and vibrant calamansi curd inside, plus a crackly shell of burnt sugar on top for a deep, caramelized note. Purists can go for the Classic Glaze (P35/solo, P120/box of four), which goes for an simple but stellar vanilla glaze that complements the subtle fried taste of the doughnut base. And to go with their signature coffee drinks—in particular, this goes great with their Dirty Horchata (starts at P150/12-ounce cup, P180/300-ml bottle)—try the Cinnamon Sugar (P35/solo, P120/box of four), which comes tossed in its namesake ingredient for a warming, slightly spiced bite. Just head over to their website to get your fix.

calamansi brulee doughnuts from dot coffee
You can also go for the more vibrant-tasting Calamansi Brulee.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
doughnuts from dot coffee
These doughnuts make for a great pair with their coffee...
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
dirty horchata from dot coffee
...Like the Dirty Horchata with espresso, their housemade rice milk plus almond milk, and a dash of cinnamon!
PHOTO BY Dot Coffee

Dot Coffee is a brand of coffee drinks by Mad Eats, a.k.a.  the folks behind Yang Gang, Chow Time, and Fried Nice.

For orders, visit Dot Coffee on Mad Eats' website. You can also check out Dot Coffee's Facebook page.

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