Take Your Pink Obsession to the Next Level With These Pretty Pink Sweet Treats

pink desserts
PHOTO BY Baker J, Instagram/fraichepatisserie ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

(SPOT.ph) As they say, we eat with our eyes first—and as pink happens to be a totally #aesthetic hue, it also makes for some of the most swoon-worthy desserts around! We see you, Spotters, and your love for pink sneakers, gadgets, and even kitchen appliances—now it's time to take it to the edible realm with these rosy sweet treats.


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Sweeten your day with these pretty pink desserts, pastries, and more:

Strawberry Creme Cake from Fraiche Patisserie

strawberry creme cake from fraiche patisserie
PHOTO BY Instagram/fraichepatisserie

Strawberry happens to be a top-tier cake flavor in our book, and Fraiche Patisserie's Strawberry Creme (P1,080) is one of the most swoon-worthy we've seen! Bearing a pastel-pink hue on the inside and out, it brings together a buttery strawberry sponge cake with a smooth strawberry cream and a strawberry compote that brings tanginess to the mix. Just message Fraiche Patisserie to try it yourself.

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For orders, send a message to Fraiche Patisserie on Facebook or Instagram.

Pink Viennoiserie Bliss from Baker J

Pink pastries from baker j

Crimson Hotel's resident French resto Baker J gives their French sweets and pastries a pink touch in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Pink Viennoiserie Bliss set (P500) comes with four gorgeous, flaky treats: one croissant with a raspberry-lychee jelly; one croissant cube with a ruby chocolate crème chantilly cream; one pain au chocolat filled with ruby chocolate and praline roses; and a pink pains au lait with butter and ruby chocolate. Part of the proceeds from orders of this set will be donated to the nonprofit organization Stage Zero by Project Pink! Just give Crimson Hotel a call or e-mail, or visit their website for orders.


For orders, contact 0998-595-3831 or send an e-mail to bakerj@crimsonhotel.com. You can also visit Crimson Hotel's website. For more information, check out Baker J's Facebook page.

Strawberry Heart Cake from Tous Les Jours

Strawberry Heart Cake from Tous Les Jours
PHOTO BY Tous Les Jours

Tous Les Jours’ Strawberry Heart Cake (P998) goes for a sweet shade of pink, with a heart-shaped form that basically says "I love you" in dessert form! This dessert gives you twice the berry goodness with a strawberry sponge cake and strawberry buttercream, plus vanilla-buttercream rosettes that make the resulting cake even prettier. You can get your fix through GrabFood or Foodpanda, or head to the Tous Les Jours section on delivery website Trident Food.


For orders, visit the Tous Les Jours section on Trident Food or find Tous Les Jours on GrabFood or Foodpanda. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Berry White Chilly Burger from Sebastian's

Berry White Chilly Burger from Sebastian's
PHOTO BY Sebastian's Ice Cream

Cookies are great, ice cream is great—put them together into an ice-cream sandwich and you get an even more amazing dessert, where the crisp-chewiness of the cookies makes for beautiful textural contrast against the cold, creamy ice cream. Sebastian's Ice Cream makes some of the best ice-cream sandwiches around, and one of their newest flavors is the Berry White (P140)—a fruity-creamy number with their own strawberry ice cream (which tastes of real fruit!) and two cream-cheese white-chocolate cookies that echo the ice cream's richness and subtle tang. You can order via their website.


For orders, visit Sebastian's Ice Cream's website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Pink Ribbon Doughnut from Krispy Kreme

pink doughnut from krispy kreme
PHOTO BY Facebook/Krispy Kreme (Philippines)

For October (a.k.a. Breast Cancer Awareness Month), Krispy Kreme's going pink with their Think Pink Doughnuts (starts at P325/box with three pink doughnuts, three Original Glazed doughnuts). These ring-shaped doughnuts come with a lush strawberry filling and are topped with a frosting in the sweetest shade of pink—plus an adorable breast-cancer awareness ribbon and, of course, sprinkles! Just head to Krispy Kreme's delivery website to place an order; you can also give them a call or find them on delivery apps. Plus, 10% of the sales will be donated to the ICANSERVE Foundation, an advocacy group that "promotes and conducts early breast cancer detection programs" in local communities.


For orders, visit Krispy Kreme's delivery website or contact 8887-9000. You can also find Krispy Kreme on GrabFood, Foodpanda, or Pickaroo. For more information, check out Krispy Kreme (Philippines)' Facebook page.

Strawberry Milk from Prism Cafe

strawberry milk from prism cafe
PHOTO BY Instagram/prismcafeph

Calling themselves a "cloud café," Prism Cafe whips up totally eye-catching drinks that come in clear cans, showcasing their natural colors. The Strawberry Milk (P180/500 ml, P200/650 ml), in particular, is a must-order for its perfect balance of smooth milk, tangy fresh strawberries, and chia seeds that contribute a soft, subtle crunch! It sure doesn't hurt that this drink is barely sweet, so you get the natural taste of the berries rounded out just a tad by the dairy. You can place your orders through their website.


For orders, visit Prism Cafe's website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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