10 Pretty Pairs for Your Pink Sneaker Obsession

From rose-toned kicks to Millennial Pink pairs, we've got you covered!


(SPOT.ph) When it comes to sneakers, most people usually stick to the classics—which means all-white sneakers. Fresh white sneakers may be a closet staple but if you want to switch up your look a little, it’s good to have a colored pair to trade them with. Whether you’re looking for just a subtle touch of color or a bright statement shoe, we have the perfect pairs for you. Add some pink back into your wardrobe with our 10 sneaker picks! 

Here are 10 pretty pink sneakers you can shop in Manila:

373 Sneakers in Smoked Salt with Copper (P3,295) from New Balance

PHOTO BY New Balance

New Balance recently released a new line of neutral-toned sneakers and this Millennial Pink pair is easily one of our favorites among the entire collection. They are a refreshing take on the classic chunky sneaker, made delicate by the rosy hue. It’s a versatile pair that features knit and suede panels to add more dimension to the shoe. Small pops of light gray and caramel brown complement the overall look of this sneaker—they can bring even your most casual outfit to the next level.

Available at Capital.

Classic Cortez Nylon in Rose Gold and Light Redwood (P3,695) from Nike

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The Nike Cortez is probably one of pop culture’s most recognizable pairs of sneakers. It’s hard to look at them and not hear, “Run, Forrest, run!” in the back of your mind. In recent years, these sneakers have made a huge comeback. The Cortez now comes in a wide variety of colorways, including this iteration, which features the same design but with an updated pink aesthetic. This pair features different hues of vibrant pinks including bubblegum pink and a pop of watermelon pink, as well as various textures including nylon and suede to revamp the vintage shoe.


Available at Zeus; see a list of Nike branches.

Stan Smith Shoes in Icey Pink (P5,349) from Adidas


Some may say that the Stan Smiths have achieved cult-favorite status as the quintessential white sneaker, which is probably why Adidas constantly updates its classic look. And yup, you guessed it—it comes in pink! Their take on pink sneakers has a quirky retro feel—this pair would have perfectly matched the Pink Ladies’ get-ups in Grease. They come in light baby pink with embroidered detailing on the back. Time to belt out "Summer Lovin'" while dressed to the nines in this revamped classic!

See a list of Adidas branches.

The Low Top in Rose (P6,850) from AVG Supply


AVG Supply is an up-and-coming homegrown brand that specializes in creating high-quality leather footwear. They keep their designs as minimalist as possible, focusing more on versatility and wearability and creating sneakers perfect for everyday use. This low-cut pair comes in a muted blush tone and is made with buttery smooth leather. And here’s a plus for this gorgeous pair: its thick rubber sole. Short, er, vertically challenged folks know that every little bit of help in the height department is very much appreciated, thank you very much.

Available online.

Carina Suede Trainers (P4,395) from Puma


If you’re into more daring, capital-S “Streetwear” type looks, this might just be the pair for you: Puma’s Carina Suede Trainers feature a cool pastel pink tone on a low-cut silhouette, finished off with thick white rubber soles. Paired with a white tee and blue jeans, they can instantly make your plain OOTD just a little edgy yet extra cute. Just be sure not to wear these babies out on rainy days! Suede may be very #aesthetic, but it can easily be ruined with a bit of moisture.


Available online.

Mexico 66 in Blush/Breeze (P5,990) from Onitsuka Tiger

PHOTO BY Onitsuka Tiger

This multi-colored pair from Onitsuka Tiger is decked out in various shades of pink. Its base color is a dusty rose and its details are done in light baby pink and bright sunny coral—a pastel pink lover’s dream sneaker! For avid online shoppers, note that the Mexico 66 typically has a narrow fit. If you’re unsure about sizing, it’s best to try the fit in-store before copping a pair. Once you try it on, you’ll have a hard time going out of the store empty-handed.

See a list of Onitsuka Tiger branches.

Lerond 319 1 Sportswear Leather Sneakers (P4,950) from Lacoste

PHOTO BY Lacoste

Lacoste has long been known for their sleek athleisure products, way before athleisure was even a thing. They’ve integrated sportswear with everyday comfort for quite some time now and these Lerond 319 1 sneakers are no different. The pair’s irresistible colorway features two shades of pink: a vibrant bubblegum pink and a complementary color a few shades lighter. It also has a snake-embossed finish on the heel and tongue of the shoe to add some texture. As a final touch, the brand’s unmistakable crocodile logo is debossed into the sides of the sneaker.

See a list of Lacoste branches.

Era Sneakers (P3,298) from Vans


Vans’ Era Sneakers are one of the brand’s OG styles and this pair features the classic skater shoes in a light pink color. The sneaker is made of durable canvas and has a thick vulcanized rubber sole, which means not only are they oh-so pretty, but also sturdy, strong, and practical—a low-key metaphor for how those ultra-girly lovers of pink all feel inside.


Available online.

Crest Twin Gore (P3,495) from Sperry


Hate having to constantly tie up your shoelaces? You can banish those pesky laces and be out the door quickly when you opt for these preppy slip-ons from Sperry when choosing a new go-to pair. These canvas kicks feature a pastel rose color that’s easy to pair with any outfit. Its thick, rubber sole promises comfort, even if you have to be on your feet the whole day.

See a list of Sperry branches.

Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Sneakers (P2,849) from Converse

PHOTO BY Converse

When it comes to timeless casual kicks, you can never go wrong with a pair of Converse sneakers. We’ve probably all, at some point, owned a pair or two of their reliable old Chuck Taylor’s. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic or just in the market for an affordable pair of pink sneakers, consider snagging the classic Chucks in this statement pink shade!

See a list of Converse branches.

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