10 Crispy Fried Chicken Spots You Need to Visit in Cebu

cebu fried chicken
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Farooj, Andy's Crunchicken

(SPOT.ph) If you ever catch yourself looking for deep-fried comfort, we got you. Fried chicken is always the answer, especially the kind with the juicy meat and super crispy skin! When the breading is just right—perfectly seasoned, light, and crisp—it’s sure to hit the spot. Here’s your cheat sheet for the places in Cebu that have achieved this winning combination. Be it for dine-in or takeout, there are plenty of versions to try—don’t be afraid to indulge into your fried guilty pleasures.


Craving deep-fried goodness? These are the Cebu fried chicken spots to hit up:

Sunburst Fried Chicken

cebu fried chicken
PHOTO Courtesy of Sunburst

Sunburst Fried Chicken has always been a Cebuano favorite since they opened in the '70s. Their golden-brown pieces are known for having uber-crisp skin that you can easily peel off and enjoy on its own. But other than that, their fried chicken is also tender and rich in flavor. It’s hard to say what goes into its mix, but there’s definitely the classic combo of salt and pepper. 

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Cebuanos also know the best way to eat this chicken is to have it with a mix of Worcestershire sauce and ketchup. This sweet and zesty mixture is essential when eating in Sunburst. Aside from the chicken, they also serve each meal (starts at P138) with their thick-cut fries and coleslaw. Their coleslaw is sweet and refreshing—great as a palate cleanser to balance out the greasy goodness.

In Cebu, Sunburst has branches at Ayala Center Cebu; Baseline Center; SM City Cebu; and One Mango Avenue along General Maxilom Avenue, Kamputhaw. Other branches are at Badelles Street Extension, Pala-o, Iligan City; Abreeza Mall, Davao City; Tongko Avenue, Davao City; Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City; Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro City; Hotel Camila 1, Dipolog City; Hotel Camila, Pagadian City; Tagbilaran City Square, Tagbilaran City, Bohol; and Veranza, General Santos City.

For more information, visit the Sunburst Fried Chicken One Mango and SM City Cebu Branches Facebook page.


Andy’s Crunchicken

cebu fried chicken
PHOTO Courtesy of Andy's Crunchicken

Opened in 2003, Andy’s Crunchicken was originally intended to be just a take-out counter along Salinas Drive. But as their fried chicken grew to be a favorite among locals, they started opening more branches, particularly in school canteens and food courts. We Cebuanos grew up eating this, so it’s become nostalgic today. No doubt that their fried chicken lives up to the crunch in their name. It’s also so light that it’s easy to lose track of just how many you’ve already had.


Pair their meals (starts at P85) with their signature gravy or their sweet chili sauce for an added level of spice. But if you’re really looking to take the heat up a notch, you can also try out their spicy fried chicken. For those who just want to try out their famous chicken skin, they serve their Crunchee-charon in different sizes (starts at P55).

Andy’s Crunchicken has branches at Metro Gaisano Grocery, Central Bloc, IT Park, Cebu City ; Metro Colon Foodcourt, Cebu City; Metro Gaisano Grocery, Pacific Mall, Mandaue City; SM Hypermarket JCentre Mall, Mandaue City; and SM City, Taxi Terminal, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

The Fried of Cebu

cebu fried chicken
PHOTO Courtesy of the Fried of Cebu

Located in Talisay, The Fried of Cebu is a local brand that has established itself as a homey, no-fuss favorite. They’re known for serving huge pieces of fried chicken at great prices—P50 for a chicken breast and P40 for a thigh. Not only that, but they use garlic and—get this—vinegar marinade, which give the chicken its distinct bright-meets-aromatic taste. They serve their fried chicken with their signature gravy, but also have a sweet and spicy dip for those looking for an added tangy flavor.

The Fried of Cebu is temporarily closed, but will reopen around the 3rd week of January 2022. It is located beside the guardhouse at Tiara del Sur Subdivision, Dawis, Talisay City. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Tagala Chicken Butterfly

cebu fried chicken
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Tagala

Tagala Chicken Butterfly was famed for their crowds in the pre-pandemic era, especially when we're talking about the lunch hour. Nowadays, they still get a rush of orders but only accept a maximum number of customers in their branches. On the bright side, they’ve also started accepting online deliveries! Their menu consists of deep-fried eats of all sorts, and the fried chicken comes at low prices, depending on the part you order—we’re talking P48 for the drumstick, P61 for the thigh). Their fried chicken is marinated in a milk batter that helps tenderize the chicken and gives it a more umami or buttery taste. When fried, this batter forms a firmer exterior, so it doesn’t easily crumble when you break apart a piece of the skin. And some insider info: they give away extra chicken skin in plastic bags. You just have to ask!

For the ultimate local experience, use the plastic gloves and eat with your hands. Order puso (a.k.a. the Cebuano “hanging rice” staple), too. You can also choose from their sauces of sweet pepper, which has a mildly smoky flavor, or their sweet and sour sauce.


Tagala Chicken Butterfly has branches at St. Cecilia's Dormitory, Governor M. Cuenco Avenue, Nasipit Road, Cebu City; 40 Arlington Pond Street, Cebu City; Francisco Llamas Street, Cebu City; M. L. Quezon Avenue, Mandaue City; I.T. Park, Cebu City; 621 Cebu South Road, Cebu City; 2021 Don Jose Avila Street, Cebu City; 1107 V. Rama Ave, Cebu City; Plaza ne George, Garces Street Barangay Poblacion, Talisay City. For more information, visit their Facebook page.


cebu fried chicken
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Farooj

If you’re looking for a chill outdoor dining area surrounded by trees, Farooj has an airy al-fresco spot. While they’re known for their roast chicken, they also offer their own spin on fried chicken. It’s prepared with Lebanese seasonings like cumin and turmeric to give it a warm, earthy, and spicy flavor. Their Farooj Fried Chicken Platter (P679) consists of a whole chicken—cut up into manageable portions, of course—and comes paired with their four signature dips. You get good ol’ Garlic and the Spicy Garlic dips, but also the more one-of-a-kind Sahara and Farooj Special. The Sahara Sauce is known to be their spiciest sauce and has a zesty note to it. On the other hand, their Farooj Special tastes almost like curry with its mix of different herbs and spices. They also have other side options, which include their pita bread, cumin fries or potato wedges, and curry rice. 


Farooj has branches at A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City; and Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City. For more information, visit their website.


cebu fried chicken
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Bigby's ILLUSTRATION undefined

Bigby’s Chicken in a Basket (P299) is their classic fried chicken offering. Although known to be a favorite among kids, adults still come back for this nostalgic treat. Their fried chicken has visible specks of pepper on a bronzed, crusted skin. From that, you can already tell its flavor is going to be quite intense. Eat it with rice to balance out the flavors or dip it in its accompanying country cream gravy that’s thick and rich. One basket has three generously meaty portions of homestyle golden-fried chicken. 


Bigby’s has branches at Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City; SM City Cebu, Cebu City; SM Seaside, Cebu City; I.T. Park, Cebu City. For more information, visit their website

My Joy

cebu fried chicken
PHOTO BY Courtesy of My Joy

Since opening its doors in 1987, My Joy has grown to be a sentimental gem to Cebuanos. And what fast-food chain would be complete without offering fried chicken meals? Their fried chicken may be simple yet it’s still sought after all these years. It’s meaty and sumptuous, but not too oily. Unlike others, their fried chicken is served with banana ketchup. This pairs even better with their fried chicken as it has the typical sweetness Filipinos tend to look for in a meal. They serve it with a side of creamy coleslaw. You can choose to order it in a one-piece (P95) or two-piece (P169) meal. For those looking for something different, they also sell a Habanero Fried Chicken with a sweet-and-sour-coated twist. 


My Joy has branches at Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City; SM City Cebu, Cebu City; SM Seaside, Cebu City; Osmeña Blvd, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Abaca Baking Company

cebu fried chicken
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Abaca Baking Company ILLUSTRATION undefined

If you didn’t already know, Abaca Baking Company also serves up must-try fried chicken. The Abaca Chicken Waffle (P545) is one of the heavier meals they offer and is an amazing way to start your mornings—or have any time of the day, really. The chicken is deep fried in a batter that gives it its crunchy exterior and keeps the meat juicy. Two big pieces of the fried chicken are served on top of a fluffy waffle and drowned in a thick, creamy sauce that serves as its gravy. This sauce also contains bits of sausage, which add heartiness and warmth to the dish. It’s also served with maple syrup on the side.


Abaca Baking Company has branches at Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City; IT Park, Cebu City; and Crossroads, Cebu City.

Orange Brutus

cebu fried chicken
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Orange Brutus

Orange Brutus has a special hold on Cebuanos as it was Cebu’s first hamburger chain in the 1980s. Since then, they’ve expanded to other items, including the Chicken Brutus (P110), their classic fried chicken meal known for its crunchy chicken skin and juicy meat. Their fried chicken is on the oilier side—and this is one of those cases where that’s actually a great thing. You get a buttery note in each bite from the fried chicken oil. Because of this, you don’t really need a side sauce for this, but they still serve with their signature brown mushroom gravy. 


See a list of Orange Brutus’ branches. For more information, visit their website.

Manong’s Butterfry

cebu fried chicken
PHOTO BY Manong's Butterfly

Manong’s Butterfry is a newly opened restaurant in Banilad. They only have a few items on their menu, but their fried chicken is the star of the show. Each bite gives you the perfect combination of crunch and drippings. And as crunchy as it is, they still serve their fried chicken with their Manong Cracklings. These are fried garlic crumbs that add texture and flavor to your meal. Sprinkle them on top of your rice, or even on your chicken.


Their set meals come with rice, tinola, gravy, garlic cracklings, and a drink. You can even opt to replace your rice with puso. But you can also order per piece such as their wings, drumsticks, or thigh in either their regular (P45) or spicy (P50) flavors. 

Manong’s Butterfry is at the front of B.R.I.G.H.T Academy, Governor M. Cuenco Avenue, Banilad, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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