The New and Under-the-Radar Pizza Shops You Knead to Check Out Now

PHOTO BY Facebook/Guinova, American Pie

( Pizza is one of those eats that pleases on many levels—it sates your hunger by combining carbs, proteins, and/or veggies in one easy-to-nosh on vessel, and when done right it can be so dang good and crave-worthy any time of the day. You probably have your go-to spots, but it's a new year—which means it's the right time to discover previously unexplored horizons. We've rounded up recently launched, underrated pizza shops that make great versions of the dish in different styles, to give you something new to love.


Change up your pizza game by ordering from these new, under-the-radar spots:

Guinova Pizza

PHOTO BY Facebook/Guinova

Love your pizza with a crisp-chewy crust with the right amount of char on the edges, paired with great-quality toppings? This recently launched delivery-only shop has got your back, with pizzas like the classic Pepperoni (P370), ooey-gooey Cinco Quezo (P470) a.k.a. five-cheese, and the just-pungent-enough Garlic Shrimp (P450). You can also go for their more modern combos like the Bacon Mozza (P390) and Truffle and Cheese (P450); all flavors come with spicy honey for drizzling, plus a balsamic-vinegar mixture for dipping the pizza slice's cornicione into. Go ahead and place your orders through their website; you can also find them on GrabFood if you're near their Pasig location.

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For orders, visit Guinova Pizza's website or find Guinova Pizza on Grabfood. You can also check out their Facebook page.

American Pie

American Pie
PHOTO BY American Pie

Over in Detroit, it's all about square or rectangular pizzas with thick, puffy crusts with crisp bottoms and chewy interiors—plus generous toppings piled on in reverse, with the cheese and its friends going before the sauce. This makes it such that some of the cheese spreads toward the edges of the pizza and gets toasty and caramelized as it cooks. Locally, you can get your dose  of Detroit-style pizza from American Pie, who cooks up excellent versions loaded with toppings and are properly crackly-crisp on the bottom and around the edges. There's The Jackson Five (P895) with five meats, five cheeses, cherry tomatoes, and basil; the Motown Truffle Shrooms (P795) with fresh mushrooms, 'nduja sausage, and a truffle cream; the Downtown Five-Cheese (P795) with five cheeses plus roasted garlic and fresh oregano; the The Bad Boys of Detroit (P795) with beef, bacon strips, and caramelized onions; and the Vegan Expedition (P795) with vegan cheese, Beyond Beef, spinach cream, and mushrooms.


For orders, visit the American Pie section on the Tasteless Food Group's delivery website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Terra Bomba

terra bomba
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Quezon City shop Terra Bomba is known for selling plants, pots, and other gardening finds, but they've also got a line of pizzas with thin, crackly crusts that hold a bounty of toppings in one-of-a-kind combinations. For one, the Cancelini Vegan Pizza (P560) goes creamy yet vibrant and subtly floral with grilled soba pien (a meat alternative), moringa pesto, vegan cheeses, capers, fried bougainvillea flowers, moringa leaves, cashews, and fried garlic. Prefer a pie with Filipino flavors? Try the Alocasia Vegan Pizza (P630) that's got grilled soba tiao (textured vegetable protein), laing, vegan cheeses, fried squash flowers, black olives, and fried garlic. Don't miss the East-meets-West leaning Talinum Sattvik Pizza (P660), either; it's got grilled zucchini, tomatoes, vegan ham, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, capers, blue ternate flowers, and a creamy ginger sauce to tie everything together.


For orders, fill out Terra Bomba's order form. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Diner 55

Diner 55
PHOTO BY Diner 55

Polarizing as pineapples on pizza can be, there's something about how fruit contributes a contrasting sweetness and juiciness to savory eats. At QC spot Diner 55, they trade pineapples for peaches in their Yo! Fernando pizza (P450)—a square pie with double-smoked ham, caramelized onions, mozzarella , peach slices, and a balsamico reduction for a savory-sweet union. Other must-try flavors at this diner include the Classic Ronnie (P420), their take on pepperoni; the ooey-gooey Five-Cheesey (P430); and the Latin-esque Hey Jean! Fugazzeta (P435) with piri grilled chicken, arugula, a corn salsa, crispy onions, and aioli.


For orders, contact 7256-4345 or 0917-126-5913. You can also check out Diner 55's Facebook page.

Rodolfo Pizzeria

Rodolfo Pizzeria
PHOTO BY Facebook/Rodolfo Pizzeria - Online Orders

If you're after an Italian-style bite, Makati-based Rodolfo Pizzeria has got your back with their signature pies, which have rustic, chewy crusts with just enough char and balanced toppings. On their flavor lineup are great takes on classics like the Margherita (P320) and Pepperoni (P340). You can also go for their slightly more elaborate combos like the Pizza Milano (P420) with a garlic-basil olive oil, caramelized onions, mozzarella, cheddar, Italian sausage, mushrooms, herbs, and parmesan; the Italian Sausage and Pepperoni with Mushrooms (P395); and Prosciutto with Arugula (P490) that also have cherry tomatoes and their garlic-basil olive oil.


For orders, find Rodolfo Pizzeria on GrabFood or Foodpanda. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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