Midnight Munchies: 10 Late-Night Restos for A+ Eats on GrabFood and Foodpanda

(SPOT.ph) We hear ya: it’s been a long, winding day of going through the ever-agonzing daily grind—but alas, your stomach’s rumbling and it's 11 p.m. Or, heck, maybe the cravings just hit you at midnight and there’s nothing in the fridge that’ll satisfy! No shame in getting your food fix late at night, Spotters; there’s a certain appeal to doing so, as that’s when the world is (generally) more quiet and you’ve got less real-world obligations to attend to, so you can just chill out while noshing away (and binge-watching a Netflix series or two). No need to head out, either: we’ve rounded up A+ restaurants on GrabFood and Foodpanda that have branches open until midnight or even later. Note that opening hours and delivery locations may vary per branch, so be sure to double-check on your app.

Hungry while it's past your bedtime? These late night restaurants on GrabFood and Foodpanda have got you covered:

Burger Beast by Chef Carlo Miguel

burger beast
PHOTO BY Facebook/Burger Beast PH

Chef Carlo Miguel is known for having quite the hand in cooking up great takes on Western comfort eats. Case in point: Burger Beast's excellent takes on burgers, which are as hefty and meaty as it gets—and the ingredients retain their integrity even after the travel time. The Umami Burger (P269) employs their own umami sauce with caramelized onions and yellow cheddar, while the Birria Burger (P389) takes inspiration from the taco of the same name for a Mexican-style beef brisket sandwich you won't forget. ICYMI, their Chicken Caesar Burger (P199) was also one of our favorite fried-chicken sandwiches in Manila. Even those avoiding meat are in for a treat as they've got plant-based Beyond Meat burgers on the lineup.

Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.


PHOTO BY Starbucks
watch now

Starbucks, of course, hardly needs any introduction—you likely order cups of joe from them to wake you up in the morning or for a much-needed afternoon jolt, but many of their shops are also open until late at night. Go for a soothing sip like the Caffe Misto (P130), treat yourself to an iced-blended beverage like the Green Tea Cream Frappuccino (P195), or go for one of their desserts like the Classic Chocolate Cake (P215).

Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Hossein’s Persian Kebab

Hossein's Persian Kebab
PHOTO BY Facebook/Hossein's Persian Kebab

Long-time Persian haunt Hossein’s has got your back when the hankering for Middle-Eastern fare hits late at night. Eat your heart out with kebabs like the Lamb Shish Kebab (P687), warm stews like the Bamia Khoresht (P740) or beef-okra stew, or curry dishes like the Fish Curry (P675) with their flavor-packed Chicken Biryani (P487) on the side and you’ve got a real treat.

Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Recovery Food

Tapa de Morning from Recovery Food

Filipino comfort eats go contemporary without losing their soul at Recovery Food. Their Tapa de Morning (P205/regular, P290/full) is one of our favorite takes on tapsilog in Manila with slightly-sweet taste and corned beef-esque consistency; there’s also the mean and meaty Doc Sisig (P175/regular, P255/full) and belly-warming Raumen (P280) with ramen noodles in a peanutty broth.

Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

International Street Food

international street food
PHOTO BY Screenshot/International Street Food on GrabFood

This under-the-radar gem cooks up some of the spiciest Korean street eats around, and some of their branches are open 24/7. Their Teokbokki (P160) is wonderfully robust with a good amount of heat, and their Tofu (P80) comes with a real feisty sauce on the side. For a more soul-warming treat go for the Ramen (P250); and for dessert, you don’t want to miss their taiyaki options like the Red Bean (P90).

Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Mister Kabab

mister kabab
PHOTO BY Facebook/Mister Kabab

One of our all-time fave late-night spots, Mister Kabab specializes in its namesake grilled-meat dish and does it pretty dang well each time. Stomach rumbling at midnight? Their hearty Shawarma Plate (P290) and Beef Chelo Kabab (P260) are bound to fill you up, both in stomach and in soul.

Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Goto Tendon

Goto Tendon
PHOTO BY Facebook/Goto Tendon

You can’t beat a thick and rich bowl of goto when the need for solace arises, and Goto Tendon makes some of the best leveled-up takes in town. Their signature Goto Tendon (P228/small, P277/big) takes on a truly hearty flavor profile thanks to their use of their own goto broth made with beef bones boiled for hours, plus U.S beef tendon and tripe. Another stick-to-your-ribs option here is the Tendon Pares (P244)—yup, that’s the beef tendon cooked a la pares until thick yet uber-soft with a subtly gelatinous consistency.

Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Bolzico Beef to Go by Cloudeats

bolzico beef to go
PHOTO BY Instagram/cloud.eats

Treat your inner carnivore to meaty eats made with grass-fed beef at Bolzico Beef to Go. The said grass-fed beef brand goes different flavor directions here; for example there’s the Filipino-esque Bolzico Steak Cubes Silog (P299), as well as the more Latin American-esque Bolzico Barbacoa Rice Bowl (P309). If it’s a burger you seek, don’t miss the Bolzico Birria Sandwich (P389).

Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Lugawan sa Tejeros

Lugawan Sa Tejeros
PHOTO BY Facebook/Lugawan Sa Tejeros

The Filipino rice porridge known as lugaw is a late-night staple for its comfort-evoking, stick-to-your-ribs character. Among the spots best known for the dish is Lugawan sa Tejeros, which happens to be open 24/7 at their Makati branch. You can’t go wrong with the Lugaw with Lechon Kawali & Egg (P64) and Arroz Candlo with Lechon Kawali & Egg (P89), but if you’re up for an even more unctous experience try the Chiskinsilog (P87).

Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Ceci Korean Cuisine

CECI Korean Grocery
PHOTO BY Facebook/CECI Korean Grocery

This Korean grocery in Katipunan also has a solid lineup of Korean eats you can avail of via GrabFood. Start your meal with banchan like the Homemade Julienned Radish (P120) and Homemade Sweet Spicy Stir Fried Anchovy (P185), before moving to heftier options like the Ceci Beef Bibimbap (P210) or Ceci Kkoma Kimbap Ham & Cheese (P119).

Available on GrabFood.

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