Hits the Spot: This Standout Ube Cheesecake Is Unlike Any Other You’ve Tried

Taho joins the party, with real swoon-worthy results.

Mad Bakes, ube taho cheesecake

(SPOT.ph) Now we’ve all had our share of ube treats—as Filipinos, we’ve known and loved the purple yam even before it started trending on a global scale, and you can find ube flavoring everything from ice cream to doughnuts to the dense-creamy classic that is cheesecake. And sure, there are a number of ube cheesecakes you can find in Manila, but one version we tried recently truly stands out. Meet the Ube Taho Mini Cheesecake, which you can order from online dessert brand MadBakes.

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Mad Bakes ube taho mini cheesecake
This ain't just any ube cheesecake. 

This ube cheesecake is a real clever one and here’s why:

Now the thing about ube cheesecake as a whole is that it’s a top-tier way to get your purple-yam dessert fix. Ube generally goes great with creamy elements; the purple yam’s subtle nuttiness is best brought out when you’ve got richness underneath to form the backbone, and having some form of fattiness also helps soften the sorta rustic character of the purple yam. Just think of ube halaya, ube ice cream, or ube milk! Cheesecakes play up that creamy factor even further—cream cheese, after all, is one of the richer and more decadent forms of dairy around, so taste- and texture-wise you get the ube + cream combo on steroids. But it also introduces a hint of savoriness and tanginess to the mix, and that play of contrasts is real beautiful stuff, folks.

Mad Bakes ube taho mini cheesecake
MadBakes incorporates the flavor profile of taho into the ube + cheesecake equation. 
PHOTO BY Mad Bakes
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MadBakes’ Ube Taho Mini Cheesecake (P220) delivers ube-cheesecake goodness and more by incorporating the flavor profile of taho (a.k.a. the classic Filipino street snack with warm and soft tofu, sago, and arnibal!), by way of silken tofu that's seemingly infused into the top cheesecake layer. Unconventional? Yup. But damn delish? You bet. It’s a real ingenious combo in our books. You get that distinct sorta soybean-y note that any fan of good ol’ soy milk or taho would swoon over, and the ube flavor here is of the real-deal kind—seemingly from the use of real purple yam or halaya. The cream cheese’s brightness also illuminates each forkful so it doesn’t get cloying. Plus, the crisp-crumbly graham crust is just the thing to add structure and tie everything together.

Mad Bakes ube taho mini cheesecake
It's a surprising but clever move.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Sweetness levels-wise this cheesecake is just right. As in yup, that sugar craving will be sated alright, but not so much that you’ll be left with a sugar crash at 3 p.m. (unless you finish the whole pan—you do you, though.) Texture-wise it’s rightfully lush without being too dense—the kind of cheesecake that glides like silk on the tongue. And while it’s great on its own, you can also opt to add on a container of Taho Syrup + Sago (P35). On one hand, we wish the sugar in this had been caramelized a touch more for added depth; on the other hand, we love the chewiness you get as it garnishes your slice.

Mad Bakes ube taho mini cheesecake
You can also get Taho Syrup + Sago on the side to really amp up the taho element.  
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

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Apart from the Ube Taho Mini Cheesecake—which is a recently launched mini version of the full-sized dessert they came up with in late 2021—Mad Bakes also has other new treats that are revamped versions of their original signatures. There’s thehe Chocolate Mocha Mini Cake (P210) that's got a chocolate cake base with a moist and fluffy open crumb, plus a lush mocha cream—giving you the no-fail combo of chocolate and coffee in a real suave medium. For a real decadent treat go for the Salted Yema Chocolate Mini Cake (P210), which switches up the mocha cream for a sticky and gooey yema sauce with a good amount of sea salt for contrast.

Mad Bakes mini cakes
MadBakes also recently launched other desserts in just-right portions. 
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
mad bakes chocolate mocha mini cake
Check out that moist and fluffy crumb on the cake portion of the Chocolate Mocha Mini Cake.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
mad bakes salted yema chocolate mini cake
There's no shortage of sticky, gooey salted caramel on the Salted Yema Chocolate Mini Cake. It's the kind that clings to your spoon and hugs every little crumb and crevice of the chocolate cake underneath.  
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

These no-frills but satisfying cakes are served in easy-to-store foil trays and come in just-right portions for two people—or one hungry dessert fan. Just head to the MadBakes section of Mad Eats’ website to get your fix.

MadBakes is the resident dessert leg of Mad Eats, a.k.a. the folks behind Yang Gang, Chow Time, Dot Coffee, and more.

For orders, visit the MadBakes section of Mad Eats’ website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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