Is Starbucks' New Pink-Green Drink the Refreshing Change We've All Been Waiting For?

We try out the new Strawberry Dream Pure Matcha Latte.

starbucks strawberry dream pure matcha latte
PHOTO BY Starbucks, Mia Rodriguez

( Been feeling the heat? Same, Spotters—though we would be lying if we didn't admit we'll take any excuse to go for a cold and creamy drink, like the signature Frappuccinos and other sips at Starbucks. Sure doesn't hurt when each sip delivers well-loved flavor combos—and comes in colors like pink and green which make for a real power combo and look totally fit for the 'Gram. ICYDK, Starbucks just came out with a swoon-worthy drink featuring strawberry and matcha green tea—and we got to have a taste.

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starbucks strawberry dream pure matcha latte
There's a new strawberry-matcha drink at Starbucks, featuring prettiest shades of pink and green!
PHOTO BY Starbucks

Here's what we think of the new pink and green drink from Starbucks Philippines:

The Strawberry Dream Pure Matcha Latte (P185/tall, P200/grande, P215/venti) features the flavors of strawberries and matcha—specifically Starbucks' "highest quality pure matcha" according to their website. In case it looks familiar, a similar matcha-strawberry drink, meant to be a "secret menu" item on Starbucks' global menu, went viral on TikTok around February of this year—though this has the elements in reverse.

We had it served in a plastic to-go cup—not great for the environment, but it does give you a clear (and IG-worthy, but we digress) view of the layering. You really see how the latte was built: thick, dark green matcha on the bottom, and a sizable layer of fluffy strawberry foam up-top.

starbucks strawberry dream pure matcha latte
We've gotta give Starbucks props for how—appearance-wise, at least—expectations meet reality on this drink.
PHOTO BY Mia Rodriguez
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We sipped the drink first without mixing, which immediately put us in contact with the light cloudlike top layer. It had a soft strawberry flavor reminiscent of those powdered milk drinks from childhood—not the syrupy flavor at all! Unfortunately it was a tad difficult to get at the matcha layer below, though the little taste we got told us it was pretty potent. Still, in the name of Science™, we experimented with mixing it by shaking the cup—which let the ice swirl around softly so the strawberry and matcha could go past the small-talk stage and actually get to know each other more intimately.

The first few sips had a good balance of earthy matcha and sweet, light strawberry. The drink got a little heavier on the strawberry-foam side as time went on though, with the ice diluting the potency of the matcha mix. A greater ratio of matcha to strawberry would've taken this beverage to even greater heights—but we've still gotta give the 'Bucks props for executing each separate element well.

All in all, it's a good refreshing drink if you're more into the sweeter side of things. If you're in it to get a jolt and restart your will to live in a 0-to-100-in-60-seconds type thing, then you're better off getting a pure matcha drink—if you'd rather take a calm walk on the sunny, fruitier side of the street though, then this one's right up your alley.

Alternatively, if it's more a pure strawberry sip you seek, you can also go for Starbucks' Strawberry Dream Cream Frappuccino (P185/tall, P200/grande, P215/venti)—which features the whimsical flavor combo of strawberries and vanilla, and comes topped with sprinkles. Which makes it a thousand times better in our opinion. Don't forget about their other seasonal treats introduced in February which are still available on their menu, like the Cocoa Cloud Macchiato and Salted Caramel Cloud Macchiato! You can get your fill of these at Starbucks' stores, or for delivey via GrabFood or Foodpanda.

starbucks strawberry dream cream frappuccino
Also new on the menu is the Strawberry Dream Cream Frappuccino with the flavors of strawberries and vanilla—and sprinkles.
PHOTO BY Starbucks

Starbucks is a U.S. coffee chain that first opened in Seattle in 1971 and came to the Philippines in 1997. Some of their other bestsellers are the Mocha Frappuccino and White Chocolate Mocha.

See a list of Starbucks branches. For delivery orders, find Starbucks on GrabFood. For more information, check out Starbucks Philippines’ Facebook page.

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