10 Shops to Hit Up for the Most Picture-Perfect Wedding Cake

Your dream wedding just got one step sweeter.

PHOTO BY Sugarcraft MNL, Audrey's Pastries ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

(SPOT.ph) You’ve got the ring, the gown, and the venue, and now all you’re missing is the cake. Although choosing a wedding cake may not be on top of everyone’s mind when planning their nuptials, it still deserves your attention, whether you’re choosing to participate in a classic cake cutting ritual or simply want a centerpiece that’ll make an impression on your guests.


Now, we all know planning your nuptials can be extremely stressful. So to help take that load off, we’ve rounded up a list of ten places in Manila where you can get the picture-perfect wedding cake of your dreams.

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Here are 10 shops in Metro Manila to check out for your dream wedding cake:

Sugarcraft MNL

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PHOTO BY Instagram/Sugarcraft MNL
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Whether your wedding theme is rustic, modern, or tropical, Joey Legaspi of Sugarcraft MNL makes sure to deliver a cake that captures that theme perfectly. No task is too Herculean for this cake shop, as they're able to bake confections with designs ranging from the classic white-on-white wedding cake to more garden-inspired creations featuring full-on edible floral decorations.

Sugarcraft MNL is at Zabarte Road, Quezon City. For orders, message Sugarcraft MNL's Instagram page. For more information, visit Sugarcraft MNL's website.

Honeyglaze Cakes

wedding cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/Honeyglaze Cakes

With celebrities being among its client base, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this South-based cake shop has a flair for the dramatic. The cakes here are towering showstoppers, with each tier being meticulously decorated with edible flowers, intricate frosting work, and any other designs that come into pastry chef Aileen Conde’s mind. If you’re looking for a cake that will truly leave a lasting impression on your guests, this is where to get one.

Honey Glaze Cakes is at 4 President's Avenue, Sucat, Paranaque. For orders, visit Honey Glaze Cakes' website. For more information, check out Honey Glaze Cakes' Instagram page.

The Unexpected Baker

wedding cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/The Unexpected Baker

If you abide by the saying that simple is sometimes best, then The Unexpected Baker is for you. Their cakes lean more on the minimalist side—think two to three tiers at most, decorated with dried flowers and minimal frosting work. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to make too much of a fuss on their wedding day.

For orders, send a message via e-mail to unexpectedbaker@gmail.com. For more information, check out The Unexpected Baker's Instagram page.

The Delightful Miss Joyce

wedding cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/The Delightful Miss Joyce

True to its name, this cake shop specializes in minimalist floral cakes that can only be described as delightful. Each cake is decorated with sugar flowers that look lifelike and almost too good to eat. It’s perfect for those who are planning a garden wedding.

For orders, send an email to bridal.thedelightfulmissjoyce@gmail.com. For more information, check out The Delightful Miss Joyce's Instagram page.

Cakes by Mannix

wedding cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/Cakes by Mannix

Planning a grand wedding and want a cake that fits the theme? Look no further than Cakes by Mannix. With its owner having a background in the creative world, it should come as no surprise that this cake shop’s creations can be considered works of art. You can find everything here from garden-inspired confections to marbled cakes with intricate, 3D frosting work.  

For orders, contact 0915-710-7408. For more information, visit Cake by Mannix's Instagram page.

Lovelots Cakes

wedding cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/Lovelots Cakes

With its motto being Understated Elegance, Lovelots Cakes proves that simple can be beautiful too. Their cakes lean more on the rustic side, with minimalist geometric designs and simple frosting work making up most of their portfolio. It’s perfect for those who want that almost-homemade look for their wedding cake.

For orders, visit Lovelots Cakes' website. For more information, check out Lovelots Cakes' Instagram page.

Audrey’s Pastries

wedding cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/Audrey's Pastries

Still deciding between a clean, minimalist cake or an intricately designed one? No problem—Audrey’s Pastries can deliver both. This cake shop can make everything from dainty, delicate designs to meticulously hand-frosted confections and everything in between. 

For inquiries, fill up this form. For more information, visit Audrey's Pastries on Instagram.

Cake Tree MNL

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PHOTO BY Instagram/Cake Tree MNL

Looking for a wedding cake with a bit more personality? Then Cake Tree MNL has you covered. This cake shop prides itself on its fun fondant and frosting designs that are not just quirky but also memorable. They can even include your fur babies in your wedding cake!

Cake Tree MNL is at P. Tuazon Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City. For orders, contact 0917-819-8320 or email caketreemanila@gmail.com. For more information, visit Cake Tree MNL's Instagram.


wedding cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/Cubcakes PH

Want a wedding cake that’s bold and showstopping? Check out Cub Cakes Philippines and their modern-inspired confections. Their cakes are decked out with eye-catching designs such as lifelike florals, geometric patterns, and more. They can even make a Christmas-themed cake if you’re planning to get married over the holiday season.

For orders, send an e-mail to cakesbyjamesuy@gmail.com. For more information, visit Cub Cakes Philippines' Instagram.

Lucille’s PH

wedding cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/Lucille's PH

Planning on a garden wedding? Then check out the cakes over at Lucille’s PH. This cake shop specializes in everything floral, with designs ranging from simple and minimalist to grand and intricate. It’ll make for the perfect centerpiece at your outdoor wedding.

For orders, contact 0998-853-8586 or send an e-mail to ask@mcjcgroup.com. For more information, check out Lucille PH's Instagram page.

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