10 Tagalog Christmas Songs That Are Probably Already Stuck in Your Head

(SPOT.ph) It’s only the end of September and yet we could already hear these songs playing on a loop in shops, our houses, and even our heads. They may not be Jose Mari Chan’s "Christmas in our Hearts" but they nail the right balance of nostalgia and Christmas cheer. Here are 10 songs that already have us singing and counting down the days to December 25. 


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Get the holiday spirit going with these 10 Tagalog Christmas songs

"Ang Pasko ay Sumapit"

If we’re talking timelessness, this song is definitely a favorite-especially among carolers. You know it’s time to bring out the spare change when the first line is sung. Very loudly. It was originally written in Cebuano by Mariano Vestil, with music by Vicente Rubi. National Artist Levi Celerio later wrote the Tagalog version of the song.

 "Pasko Na Sinta Ko"

Sometimes, it’s not always about the fun and Noche Buena. Nothing captures a sad and lonely Christmas like this song originally sung by Gary Valenciano. When you’ve sadly played it on a loop for over an hour, it’s time to hit the "next" button. We recommend...

"Pasko Na Naman"

It’s Christmas! The lights, the food, the merriment! Don’t be afraid to belt this Levi Celerio and Felipe De Leon classic at the top of your lungs. This is the only time you’re allowed to.

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Half the fun of singing (or attempting to sing) this song is trying to get past its tongue-twisting lyrics. There’s no shame in getting the syllables all wrong; we know we have. Sing it loud and proud. 

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"Himig ng Pasko"

Covers and interpretations of this tune may pop up every now and then, but it’s Apo Hiking Society’s original rendition that keeps us humming while we shop at the mall. It’s a nod to that cold breeze during the "-ber" months that we all look forward to. Who needs snow? We’re just happy with the cooler weather.

"Sana Ngayong Pasko"

Yes, even melancholic Christmas songs about being alone can get stuck in our heads. It’s been revived far and wide from Sarah Geronimo to Jed Madela, but it’s the Ariel Rivera version that really tugs at the heartstrings. There, there. It’s okay. Ikain mo na lang ’yan


"Noche Buena"

Since we’re on the topic of eating your feelings, we couldn’t possibly forget this traditional Christmas song for our roundup. Just hearing the song is enough to get us excited for the feast. Or crave a big plate of Christmas ham. 

"Sa Maybahay ang Aming Bati"

What’s a catchy Christmas song list without this classic? It’s the quintessential caroling opener before launching into the usual favorites. It’s also sometimes known as "Namamasko."

 "12 Days of Pinoy Krismas"

We admit that the English version of this song is more memorable. (If only we can get the numbers right. Was it 12 drummers drumming?) We have a soft spot for Apo Hiking Society’s rendition, mostly because their modified lyrics are relatable and define what a Pinoy Christmas is like.

"Mano Po, Ninong"

Don’t lie, one of your favorite parts of Christmas was receiving gifts from your godparents...after pagmamano, of course. Shame on you. Could that big box under the tree be yours? Or would you be receiving an envelope full of cash this year? Sadly, we’re all grown up and it’s no longer socially acceptable to ask for an aguinaldo. This song may not be applicable to us anymore, but it’s still as catchy as the first time we heard it.


Bonus Tracks

"Miss Kita Kung Christmas"

This 1975 pop song gets all the feels just right. Pinoys love the heartache, especially when its dressed up in a pop ballad, as proven by all the covers this track has gotten through the years. From this smooth Ronnie Liang version to Sharon Cuneta, Sarah Geronimo, Ice Seguerra, and more. Play this while staring out the window and all the Christmas lights are twinkling in the reflection. 

"Boogie Woogie Christmas Day"

Get all the titos and titas groovin' with this banger from VST & Company. Released in 1979, it's still got the beat to keep us moving. We say put this on the playlist at every family reunion you'll be going to this season and we're sure the dancefloor will be filled up in no time. 

"Tuloy Tuloy Pa Rin Ang Pasko"

Who wouldn't be cheered up by the smooth vocals of the Apo Hiking Society? Add in some smooth jazz and you've got a sure hit (among all their other bangers, of course). This song about all the joys of the season, no matter what crazy hectic things happen, will keep the mood light and cheery. 


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