Return to Live Music 101: The Essentials You Need For Your Next Concert

Here's a handy survival guide in case you've forgotten what concerts are like.

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( You've been through hell securing tickets for the concert you wanted to attend. In your case, actually, it's probably hell and back—and then back again because all of your favorite international acts just decided to come to the Philippines this year. You just can't miss the opportunity to see all your fave acts in the flesh; sincerest condolences to your wallet. But never mind that. What matters here is that you're seeing them, and whether it's your first, second, third, heck—fifth time seeing them, you always need to be prepared.

That being said, it's probably been a long while since you've seen a live act, much less the massive ones coming over to our shores, so we can't blame you if you've forgotten what it's like. Concert outfit (Wear something comfortable!), check. In case you can't knock off that feeling you're forgetting something though, don't worry, as we round up the concert essentials you need. Treat it as some kind of checklist, if you will.


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Make the most out of your next concert experience with these essentials.

A small bag

concert essentials bag

As much as you would want to bring a big bag along with you (for the merchandise, freebies, or just that you're someone who lugs the whole house with you when you go out), the one you need to bring to concert venues typically shouldn't exceed 30x30cm or 12x12in—at least that's what the Mall of Asia Arena suggests on their website. You'll have to fit everything inside a small bag a la Mary Poppins and her "Magic Carpet Bag."

In case you don't have one yet, you can check out Uniqlo's budget-friendly Round Mini-Shoulder bag for P590.

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concert essentials small wallet
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Yup, for all the money you still have left (just kidding). It's a must to bring some extra cash for merchandise, food, transportation, and/or emergencies. Since you need to pack everything light and small so as not to crowd your concert bag—turn to your go-to compact wallet in the meantime. 

This mini-wallet Rohini, Red from The Tannery Manila for P700 might do the trick. 

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Power bank

concert essentials power bank
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Anyone else's phone dies so quickly? One step out of the house and your phone's down to the last 10% despite having charged it. Same here. Concert or not, we can't really go out without a power bank these days, so try out the  VP-2016 20000mAh Power Bank from VEGER (P1,799)We all need a fully-charged phone to capture all the screaming and shaky videos of your fave, erm, we mean the fancams (if that's what you want to call it). Bring two if you can.

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Smartphone (and the cord)

Do we even need to say it?

Portable fan

concert essentials cute portable fan
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It's no secret that it can get hot and stuffy inside a concert venue, not to mention the performances on stage adding to the heat. We could really use a blast of cool air from a handheld, rechargeable fan for a little breather when it gets a little bit too much. 

You won't sweat with Letong's handheld USB Portable Fan (prices start at P199).

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Tissues and/or wet wipes (and other hygiene products!)

Tissues for the tears.

Face mask and alcohol

We're still technically living in the pandemic, so the wearing of a face mask (and proper social distancing) is a must. No face mask, no entry. Don't forget to pack extra ones for when your blood, sweat, and tears get into the one you're wearing.


concert essentials umbrella
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We're well aware that the rainy season is upon us. So just in case it rains cats and dogs before or the moment the concert ends (the sky is crying with you), it's best to have an umbrella with you. 


This cute and lightweight umbrella from Shopee (P498) won't weigh you down. 

Concert ticket

You might be a little (see also: a lot) hyper, anxious, or a little over your head on D-day; we don't judge you for it. It's normal to feel excited, but this is the one thing (aside from your phone and wallet, of course) that you shouldn't forget to bring. Also, another important side note, don't forget your valid IDs and vaccination card! Pro tip: You could put it on a clear, lanyard or phone holder for easy access. 


We're kidding... not. Especially for the titas and titos in the standing sections, sure you won't feel it during the concert but wait until after. You'll feel everything ache all at once. You can gently slap a patch on the aching area to temporarily relieve the pain. You can also pack medicines or vitamins while you're at it. 

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+ Lightsticks, extra batteries

This might only apply to K-Pop concerts. If you have your group or solo fave's lightstick, now's the time to bring it. There's just something about being and participating in a beautiful lightstick ocean that will tug on your heartstrings and turn on the waterworks.

Not to mention that it could also be used as a weapon. One strong boink on a possible perpetrator and they'll be out like a light. 

Aaaaaand that's everything—at least what this writer's going to bring—for their next concert. 

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