10 Most Memorable Commercials With John Lloyd Cruz

Funny clips you can watch while waiting for his showbiz comeback.


(SPOT.ph) From wanting to know when his next feature film is coming out all the way to keeping tabs on his current antics—be it vacations, new loves, or anything in between—we all want to know what John Lloyd Cruz has been up to. The actor has been keeping a low profile for a while, especially since he and Ellen Adarna welcomed their son, Elias. Recently, he’s been teasing his showbiz comeback with a few photos and clips here and there of a new endorsement deal. While we wait for Cruz’s highly anticipated return (even if it’s just for a commercial), we round up some ads from his past that you might remember swooning over (or laughing at).


If you miss seeing John Lloyd Cruz on your TV screens, you might want to rewatch these 10 memorable commercials:

Ingat from Biogesic

Can you believe it’s been over 10 years since this unforgettable Biogesic commercial came out? This ad gives you major throwback vibes just watching him pop that paracetamol in his mouth before giving you his signature, "Ingat!"-and-salute combo.

Sobrang Cheesy with Anne Curtis from Greenwich

Cheesy pick-up lines: now and forever. And no commercial rubs it in more than Cruz and Anne Curtis’s cheesy Greenwich commercial. Just when you think Lloydy is gone and dead—paramedics and emergency services get involved!—it turns out all he was “dead” for is Curtis. There’s also a hilarious bit at the end when he gets mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. *wink wink*

Now You See Me from Magic Flakes

In movies, you get that meet-cute where a pretty girl drops her books and a cute guy helps her out. Cruz asks the girl in this commercial if she needs help and she coldly replies, "Obvious ba?" But the look on her face changes when she looks up and sees that it’s actually Cruz picking up her stuff. When you both love the same crackers, what else can you do but offer him a piece?

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Pancit Pares from Lucky Me

If Lucky Me was (and still is) your fave and go-to merienda, then this commercial gives you something in common with Cruz. There’s a fun meta moment where he asks his beloved yaya why he’s not having Lucky Me considering he endorses the brand. Turns out, she just served him a new flavor that might just be his new favorite.

Ninja Moves from Head & Shoulders

In this adorable ad that’s sure to make you smile, unsuspecting people get surprised when Cruz and Angel Locsin hold hands. Aside from giggling at the fans’ reactions, you’ll also wish you were one of the people they played the prank on. Plus, the possibility of an A-lister slipping their hand into yours will definitely make you want to make sure you have healthy skin and a dandruff-free scalp.

Tropicana Twister

You always have to be careful of who you friendzone. You’ll never know if that stranger sitting next to you magically turns into John Lloyd Cruz—or better yet, a sparkling, Edward Cullen-like version of him. This short-but-funny Twilight spoof is a classic tale of never judging a book by its cover and what-goes-around-comes-around.


Acting from Biogesic

The first few seconds of this commercial might actually get you worried for a bit because Cruz does a good job faking a headache. “Acting lang!” he says after his fake screams of pain. So, the next time you want to get out of something, just relive this commercial and take an acting class from the country’s favorite leading man himself.

Sobrang Cheesy with Bea Alonzo from Greenwich

Cruz has already proven he’s the master of pick-up lines in his movies, and he’s no different in this short but sweet commercial. In the video, he and Bea Alonzo are sharing a romantic ride on a boat when he suddenly tells her, "I’m ending our friendship." (Cue the John Lloyd-and-Bea shippers crying.) The parasol-holding Alonzo starts to panic, but then he cuts her off saying, "Because I wanna start loving you as my girl." (Cue happy, nostalgic tears.)


Condo from Magic Flakes

Drama alert! In this trailer-like ad, Cruz is at odds with his girl because there seems to be somebody else he enjoys being with. "Mas nasasarapan ako pag kasama siya," he says, to which the girl cries in reply, “Ano bang mas gusto mo so kanya, e ang plain plain niya!” But it turns out, he just likes his crackers crunchy.

Our One and Only with Bea Alonzo from Lucky Me


Cruz and Bea Alonzo's chemistry is palpable in this almost two-minute-long commercial for Lucky Me. In the video, Cruz looks around a pantry filled with couples and ends up sitting by his lonesome—well, until he's joined by none other than Alonzo. "Iba ka talaga," he says with a smile. It might not be a movie, but it's the closest thing we have to a reunion since 2015's A Second Chance, so it's enough to make everyone swoon. 

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