Everyone's Aboard the Feels Train for Through Night and Day; Here's Why You Should Be, Too

Ben and Jen's story is full of heart-wrenching moments and a moving OST to boot.

(SPOT.ph) You might have seen plenty of people posting about the local romance flick Through Night and Day over the weekend, even becoming a trending topic on the morning of July 13. The bittersweet 2018 rom-com directed by Veronica Velasco and starring Alessandra de Rossi and Paolo Contis has been a steady contender on the Netflix Top 10 list since it became available on July 9, and both stars have posted thank-you messages on their social media accounts for those who have supported the film through the streaming service.


The story follows newly engaged couple Ben (Contis) and Jen (de Rossi) as they take the trip of a lifetime to Iceland. Along the way, the two end up discovering different sides to the other and begin to question why they're even on the trip—and why they're even together. The past inevitably comes up and so do questions of the future. 

Sure, it sounds like such a simple premise, but the story of Ben and Jen has obviously resonated with audiences. If you'd like a sample of the feels—or just can't get enough of the two—then you have to check out the official music video for the film's OST! Get the tissues back out, because yup, there's an official release for De Rossi and Contis' cover of the Steven Curtis Chapman original "I Will Be Here." 

There's something about seeing Ben and Jen (complete with De Rossi's epic wig) singing to each other that brings back all the feels from the movie. Add that to all the scenes and it's sure to have you crying again—no complaints here, really. We can't say much otherwise the magic will be ruined, but the movie brings in a realistic story and characters you usually don't get to see in most movies.

If you're still somehow not convinced Through Night and Day deserves a watch, just check out all the hard-hitting tweets online—just be wary of spoilers! We round up just a sample of the #hugot; Take a look below:

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Communication is key.


Sometimes things work out.

Here's to new beginnings.

Bring out the tissues (again).


BRB, crying our hearts out.

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Main image from Viva Films / Through Night and Day

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