This Upcoming Korean Film Explores the Fabled Yamashita's Gold in the Philippines

It features Filipino actor Mon Confiado and Kim Sang-ho from Kingdom.

( Legend has it that before the Japanese army lost their foothold in the Philippines, Prince Tsuneyoshi Takeda and General Tomoyuki Yamashita ordered the construction of underground tunnels that would store their vast fortune of treasure and gold stolen from China and Southeast Asia. This lost gold of World War II eventually became the subject of many conspiracy theories. In an upcoming movie, 80% of which was shot in the Philippines, Korean director Kim Bong-han reimagines the legend. The Golden Holiday comes out in South Korea on August 16. A local release date is yet to be announced.

PHOTO BY Showbox (Facebook/Mon Confiado)

The movie follows detective Byung-su (Kwak Do-won), who takes his family on a vacation to the Philippines. Turns out, he's also keen on tracking down an old friend-turned-enemy named Yong-baeplayed by Kim Sang-ho, who played Moo-young in KingdomYong-bae is now in prison for a murder tied to the mystery of the famed Yamashita treasure.

The Golden Holiday stars Kwak Do-won, who plays the role of countryside detective Byung-su.
PHOTO BY Showbox (Facebook/Mon Confiado)
Byung-su tracks down his friend Yong-bae (Kim Sang-ho), who is in prison for murder.
PHOTO BY Showbox (Facebook/Mon Confiado)
Mon Confiado plays the role of the local police entangled in this investigation of a murder case surrounding the famed Yamashita gold.
PHOTO BY Showbox (Facebook/Mon Confiado)
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Filipino actor Mon Confiado (Heneral Luna, Ma Rosa) joins the roster of awarded Korean artists including Kim Dae-myung (Misaeng: Incomplete Life), Kim Hee-won (The Man from Nowhere, Mr. Go), Shin Dong-mi (Live or Die), and Lee Yoo-jin-I (Be Melodramatic).

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