Netflix Just Made It Easier to Find Your Next Binge Watch

Check this out when you watch on your TV.

( Ever spent more time scrolling through the Netflix screen looking for something to watch than actually watching something? We feel you. Well, there's a fresh menu option that might just do the trick! Netflix has launched the New & Popular option that will make it easier for you to check out the most recent and upcoming titles when you watch on your TV. Professional couch potatoes are sure to appreciate the cool new feature.


When you click left on your remote, you can select the New & Popular option is located right below the home tab on the menu. Up will come four rows: the Top 10, New on Netflix, Coming Soon, and even a new row called Worth the Wait! The last one contains future titles the streaming app thinks you'll enjoy.

Plus, you can click on the little bell icon on every title in the Coming Soon and Worth the Wait rows to set a reminder. This means that when the title is finally released, it goes straight to your My List row on the homepage. 


Streaming pros may already know about the "More Like This" tab on your fave titles—for the unitiated, it shows you similar shows and movies like the one you just binge-watched—but here's another pro tip from Netflix. There is also the "Collection" button, too! Clicking on this one will take you to additional clips from the title, including never-before-seen footage, behind-the-scenes, and interviews.

Plus, if you've left your TV idle for a a while, you may have noticed screensavers appearing on your screen. Guess what: The content you see are personalized, so that's another way to discover something new to watch. The screensaver feature has been on the platform since 2016, but it was only in early 2020 that the titles that appear as screensavers are picked based on the stuff that you've watched before.

So there you have it, folks! You now have added knowledge on how to stream to the fullest. Happy streaming!

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