LISTEN: Ben&Ben's New Song Is the Self-Worth Anthem You Need This 2020

We lay down the inspiration behind "Di Ka Sayang."

( There's something about the word "sayang" that just can't be translated properly; it's more than just a wasted opportunity, to some, the word can encapsulate exactly what they believe they are—but a new song is here to remind you of your undeniable worth. The nine-piece folk band Ben&Ben just dropped their latest single "Di Ka Sayang" on Friday, November 6, and it is exactly the poignant reminder people need to hear right now. Check out the music video here:

Scream it out loud with us, frame it up on your bed, heck, get a tattoo: "Sarili ay mahalaga, kahit pa ano'ng tingin nila, tanggap kita." With powerful lyrics, an arrangement that feels a bit more pop rock than usual—definitely a welcome development—and still with their signature style, Ben&Ben is starting this "new era" just right. 

"Migs and I were having a conversation on our career choices and how hard it was to fight for who we really are and what we want to do in life, amidst societal and family expectations," explained guitarist and Paolo Benjamin about the song's inspiration in a statement. The conversation between brothers happened in a hotel room somewhere, sometime in 2019. "A year later, we decided to release it, at a time where we feel it is most timely, with everything tough going on, and with many of our dreams being crushed by the pandemic and other circumstances."


The band originally scheduled the release for midnight, Friday, to be exact, but they had a bit of a blooper. They ended up manually uploading the song to Facebook at around 1 a.m.; it landed on Spotify at around 9 a.m. Technical difficulties aside—solved by the band member's innate cheekiness—and with 2020 being very, very strange indeed, the Internet has unleashed some very strong feels about the new song. So hit play and join the emotional wave:

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Main image from Twitter / Ben&Ben

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