The Many Similarities of Squid Game and PBB, According to Player 456's Lookalike

Minus the life-or-death thing, of course.

squid game
PHOTO BY Netflix / Squid Game, ABS-CBN, / PBB

( Folks online have been discussing what the Pinoy version of Squid Game—the buzziest, most brutal show of the moment—would be like, so much so that we even made our own version, but as it turns out, the closest thing to it has been under our noses all along. Engineer and former actor Slater Young pointed us to yet another show: Pinoy Big Brother. Yes, the reality show he won in 2012! He compared the two shows, while dropping some cool strategies and hacks, on his vlog. On the off-chance that you haven't seen Squid Game, spoilers abound.

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Squid Game has a lot of similarities to Pinoy Big Brother, just ask Slater Young:

In the vlog, Young, whose smile looks pretty similar to Seong Gi Hun's (Lee Jung Jae) in the show, drew a lot of parallels between Squid Game and Pinoy Big Brother, a.k.a. PBB. Talking about that colorful maze scene, Young pointed out that "It's not this intense inside PBB pero ito din 'yong feeling kasi all the walls are colored brightly, hindi siya 'yong normal na bahay na colors, and 'yong feeling is wala ka sa real-life."

squid game
PHOTO BY YouTube / Slater Young
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squid game
PHOTO BY YouTube / Slater Young

To be fair, Squid Game did focus on people who were placed in a controlled environment to play games and ultimately, win a prize—exactly what PBB was essentially about, too. Young even pointed out technical similarities: the anonymous staff (kuyas or ninjas in the PBB world, and without guns), all the surveillance, and even the sets that they would play the challenges (or tasks, in PBB world) in. "May mga ganyan aspect din 'yong PBB na very surreal, very dreamlike."


And "Not to toot my own horn," the engineer shared that he couldn't help but think up hacks, or strategies for the Squid Game challenges. "Kasi sa loob ng PBB house, ang dami ko talagang mga diskarte," he said, adding a cheeky reminder that "I won the most amount of tasks." 

Red Light, Green Light

"I would just walk siguro, but that's it," said the engineer about this fairly simple child's game. Although he did of couse acknowledge that at least in PBB they didn't die if they messed up. "Sa PBB naman hindi ganyan 'yong pressure so you're able to think on your feet pa."


The entire series was unsettling, but there was something about all the licking that went on in this game that made it even more so. Young's diskarte for this game? "Dapat duraan nila and use that to melt the candy," explaining that he'd use a finger to saturate the hard sugar with his saliva. 


Young's strategy here is the same as what went down in Squid Game, pick the strongest—which is also what they did inside the house, too! "We tended to team up with like the big strong guys," he admitted. "It really happens in the PBB. This [game] was super relatable talaga." They would even make sure not to vote the storng players out back in PBB, "because they helped us win the task."

Glass Stepping Stones

So by some very strange chance you end up in a game like this, Young has some tips on identifying tempered versus ordinary glass. Tempered is heat-treated glass, he explains, meaning it went through many processes to make it much stronger than ordinary glass.


At first glance, there's not much of a difference but "From the corners, which is 'yong makikita natin dito, tempered glass is softer, parang mas smooth 'yong mga corners niya." Plus, he confirmed a comment made by one of the players in the show: Yup, tempered glass tends to reflect light in a more wobbly manner (read: not as clear). 

The best hack he suggested? "Maybe, maybe, I wouldn't even need to choose between the tempered and the ordinary glass if I stepped near the edges of the glass panel," he said, pointing out the support beams they were laid out on. Then again, we totally understand how difficult it would be to think of workarounds under such intense pressure.

Convinced or not, check out Young's PBB-inspired Squid Game hacks below:

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