Tom Holland Got the Best Compliment-Insult While Auditioning for Spider-Man

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( No Way Home is finally out in Philippine theaters. Whether you've managed to avoid Spidey spoilers at all costs or readily consumed all the deets online, we're sure we can all agree on two things: This movie is one hell of a way to close things off and Tom Holland is the perfect fit for this iteration of Peter Parker. Now before we risk saying anything else, Tom Holland himself brought it back to the early days of this Spider-Man trilogy and how a erm, overly-observant driver was one of the first people to say he was made for the role—for a very unexpected reason.


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Tom Holland shares hilarious conversation with a driver while auditioning for Spider-Man

Holland was at the BBC's The Graham Norton Show in December talking about Spider-Man: No Way Home (amongst other things) with Zendaya and The Witcher's Henry Cavill in tow. He started sharing a hilarious anecdote from the auditioning process for Peter Parker, stating that it was several call-backs and screen tests for many months in Atlanta during which he met a very candid driver.

"I had this driver, lovely guy, but a little bit too honest," he starts off. And it was during one of the most pivotal auditions that the driver decided to give Holland a bit of a pep talk. The driver was looking at Holland through the rearview mirror and suddenly goes, "'You know what kid, I think you're going to get it,'" says the Spidey actor. "I'm like 'Really? Why?' I was excited to hear that—but then he goes 'You know what, I think you're going to get it because the kid that I just drove there, he is so good looking.'"

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"Please, that's exactly the confident boost I need," added Holland cheekily.

Best part is, the two met again after Holland had gotten the role. "I saw him a few months later when I was shooting the film and he goes 'I told you!' I was like, 'What did you tell me: That I was going to get the part or that I was ugly?'" lamented the poor actor.

Check out the whole anecdote below:

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