Liked Mr. Harrigan’s Phone? Here Are the Other Stephen King Titles to Watch on Netflix

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( Something as mundane as sending voice messages via cellphone is a typical activity you can easily insert in practically any scene, no matter the genre. Unless you’re Stephen King. If it’s up to the horror legend to decide, a phone call could become twisted, something that suddenly takes a 180-degree turn causing the hairs of your nape to stand on end. This tidbit is just one of the seemingly common but deeply disturbing elements you probably caught after Mr. Harrigan’s Phone dropped on Netflix. If you’re into these kinds of shows and are itching for more, don’t fret as the streaming platform has more than just one adaptation of the King’s works. We round up more titles from the master writer that you can stream on Netflix. 

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Put these Stephen King movies and series on your Netflix watch list:

The Mist (2007)

The entire show plays out in Bridgton, Maine after a storm rages through the town resulting in a power interruption. When folks head to a nearby supermarket to stock up on essentials, things go for an even weirder turn as an eerie mist suddenly envelopes the place. And of course, because this is a King story, the mist brings with it monsters.

If you’ve read the book and are looking forward to watching this horror movie, you’re in for a surprise because Stephen King and Frank Darabont (the director of this film) decided to make a few changes from the author’s original work. Not just in terms of plotline either, but with the creatures themselves.

Carrie (2013)

Four film adaptations and three novels later, there’s a good reason this title holds strong recall for those who have turned the pages of this book over and over. This time, Kimberly Pierce, the director of the latest franchise, reimagined a modern take on the classic novel while keeping the main premise of the story intact.

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The story revolves around a timid teenage girl named Carrie who has an overprotective, excessively religious woman for a mom. Carrie is bullied by her schoolmates, partly due to her mother’s old-school beliefs warping her own understanding of the world around her—even going so far as to believe her period is a sin. Oh, and she also happens to be telekinetic. Everything goes downhill from there as she discovers and harnesses her “gift” while prom and graduation draw near.

The Dark Tower (2017)

What happens when an eight-book novel series is transformed into a 95-minute movie? Stephen King and Nikolaj Arcel attempt to answer that question by doing exactly that. The Dark Tower is about a gunslinger who protects the Dark Tower, a structure designed to protect all the forms of realities there are.

The screenwriters had to take out a little of something from each book because, well, time constraints. So if you’re a fan of the book, you may need to manage your expectations as the creative team needed to pick out some things that made each book memorable. They also needed to have the entire ensemble work together to make sense of what the show is about. Fun fact: As short as the movie is, it’s a complex piece that took the team at least 10 years to complete.


Gerald's Game (2017)

If there’s one common denominator among Stephen King’s books, it’s that his works are borderline impossible to film because of their complexity. So when people like Mike Flanagan brought up the idea of producing a movie from the 1992 novel, it naturally received a lot of objections. After more than 20 years, the stars finally aligned and Gerald’s Game is the result.

This film is about a married couple who spend the holidays in an isolated lake house. Their attempt at a more adventurous sex life leaves the husband dead—and a distraught Jessie, the wife, tied to the bed with handcuffs, and the key out of reach. Things take a turn as she attempts to survive both the very real monsters and the ones in her mind that arrive soon after.

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