'Wag Ikuwento Si Bruno': Tagalog Versions of Encanto Songs are Here

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(SPOT.ph) As Disney+ formally launched in the Philippines, Disney on Thursday, November 17, released the Tagalog versions of the songs from the hit animated film Encanto, making the story of the magical Madrigal family more relatable to Filipino viewers.

All six musical numbers from Encanto received a Tagalog translation uploaded on the DisneyMusicAsiaVEVO YouTube channel, with song titles like "Wag Ikuwento si Bruno" ("We Don't Talk About Bruno"), "Pag Nagigipit" ("Surface Pressure”), and "Ano Pa'ng Kaya Ko?" ("What Else Can I Do").

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Encanto, which tells the story of Mirabel Madrigal and how she saved her family's dying magic, has drawn parallels with the typical Filipino family as it talked about issues like transgenerational trauma, perfectionism, and finding one's worth.


Disney earlier released "Gabay", the Tagalog version of "Lead The Way" from the film Raya and the Last Dragon, sung by KZ Tandingan, making it the first official Disney song in the Philippines' native language.

Here are the Tagalog versions of the songs from Encanto, along with some of its most interesting lyrics:

"Ang Pamilya Madrigal" ("The Family Madrigal")

In the opening song of the movie, Mirabel introduces each of the Madrigals' "gifts" while avoiding attempts to admit that she didn't receive any power from the magic candle.

English lyric: So many kids in our house so, let's turn the sound up. You know why? I think it's time for a grandkid round up.

Tagalog lyric: Daming bagets 'sang bubong, kaya makinig na. Bakit raw? Eto na ang mga apo ni lola.

"Nas'an Ang Milagro Ko" ("Waiting On A Miracle")

Mirabel sings about her longingness to have her own miracle, seeing how happy her family is for having their own gifts.

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English lyric: And I'm fine, I am totally fine. I will stand on the side as you shine. I'm not fine, I'm not fine.

Tagalog lyric: Ayos lang, tinatago na lang. Hahayaan kayong kuminang. Pait lang, sakit lang.

"Pag Nagigipit" ("Surface Pressure")

Luisa, who received the gift of superhuman strength, admits that she feels burdened by the pressure of being the older sister of the Madrigal family.

English lyric: Pressure, like a drip, drip, drip that'll never stop, whoa.

Tagalog lyric: Parang nagigipit-pit-pit ang damdamin ko, whoa.

"Wag Ikuwento Si Bruno" ("We Don't Talk About Bruno")

A twist to the traditional Disney villain songs, Bruno is introduced to Mirabel and to the viewers from the perspective of the Madrigal family. This song became the most popular musical number from "Encanto" and was even performed at the Oscars.

English lyric: He told me I would grow a gut, and just like he said.

Tagalog lyric: Ang sabi niya ay tataba, kaya bundat na.


"Ano Pa'ng Kaya Ko?" ("What Else Can I Do?")

Isabela, the most beautiful member of the Madrigal family, discovers that she can truly be happy if she stopped striving for perfection.

English lyric: What could I do if I just grew what I was feelin' in the moment? What could I do if I just knew it didn't need to be perfect? It just needed to be? And they'd let me be?

Tagalog lyric: Ano kayang magagawa kung susundin lang ang damdamin? Ano kayang magagawa kung ang ganda'y 'di kailangan? Basta gusto ko lang, hahayaan lang.

"Kayo" ("All Of You")

The Madrigals rebuild their home and realize how forgiveness and togetherness can make their family stronger.

English lyric: 

Mirabel: Oh hey Mariano, why so blue?
Mariano: I just have so much love inside
Mirabel: You know, I've got this cousin too. Have you met Dolores?
Dolores: Okay, I'll take it from here, goodbye!


Tagalog lyric: 

Mirabel: Hoy, Mariano, lungkot mo.
Mariano: Kasi nais lang na magmahal.
Mirabel: Alam mo, may pinsan naman ako. Kilala mo si Dolores?
Dolores: Sige, salamat, insan, tabi!

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