Miss Australia cries costume sabotage, names Venus Raj as one of the "extremely competitive" contestants

Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell claims costume sabotage at 02:20.

Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell is crying backstage sabotage during the Miss Universe 2010 held August 24 in Las Vegas, reports The Daily Telegraph. The pageant’s second runner-up claimed the top of her widely criticized national dress--made of an Aboriginal-art-styled one-piece swimsuit, a rainbow flamenco dress and high-heeled Ugg boots--was lined with pins. It was "perfect for concealing the handiwork of her mysterious and apparently jealous assailant," reports The Daily Mail.

"I put (the costume) on just before I was due to go out on parade but I felt these sharp pains when something stuck into my back," Campbell said in The Daily Telegraph report. "I took the top off and found all these pins had been stuck into it. I didn’t have any injuries or marks but I didn’t have much time to take them out and get it back on because I had to be out there right away."

Campbell, who was awarded Miss Congeniality, added, "The sabotage was a bit harsh, but you have to laugh at these things and not take it too seriously. And it did give me a story to tell when I got home."

Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell’s national costume

"Not pointing any fingers," she said she can’t narrow down her suspects among the 82 other contestants. However, she said candidates from the Philippines, Mexico, and Central and South American countries were "extremely competitive." (Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete won the crown, and Miss Philippines Venus Raj was named fourth runner-up.)

"Winning is so important for those girls because they become queens in their country and are worshipped if they win. It changes everything forever for them," Campbell said. She cleared the names of her best friends, the contestants from Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium and Guam. "I know they wouldn’t have done that to me."


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