Tweets of the Week: Carlos Celdran Edition

The performance artist and RH Bill activist Tweets from behind bars + what the Twitterati has to say.

Carlos Celdran

Carlos Celdran, performance artist and Manila tour guide, Tweets his grievances against the Church and calls on people to join his cause:
- says for EVERY statement/move the Church does to stop distribution of birth control commodities, we should PUBLICLY expose ONE priest for his proclivities & abuses. Trust me, there are enough erring priests to empty the churches nationwide.
- is writing placards to protest CBCP opposition to contraceptives: So far "KEEP YOUR ROSARIES OUT OF MY OVARIES" is all I got. Anyone got any catchy slogans? English or Tagalog is OK.
- is recommending all Catholics who are against Church meddling in Reproductive Health to put condoms in the Sunday Mass collection plate. Good idea eh? Thanks Red Tani for the idea.
- is going to go to Manila Cathedral at 3pm to COUNTER the CBCP/Bible anti-RH group. Anyone want to join me? I’m seriously PISSED.
- is gonna get all Crisostomo Ibarra this afternoon. But this rain has got to stop first. Dang.


Carlos Celdran Tweets while in jail:
- is in police station of parian in intramuros in front of lyceum
- is still in a cell on un ave in front of manila doctors. Waiting for cardinal rosales to file charges... Sigh.
- might be here till tomorrow or more. Sigh. Good thing the tranny with me and the other 3 guys in the cell are nice. :o)
- says WOW. Im gonna be here for a while. Possibility for five years... Oh my god. The church actually filed charges..
- is so overwhelmed I can’t sleep. Thanks guys for the support. Seriously. Thank you...
- says its just hitting me now. I can’t believe the cbcp has the capacity and THE DESIRE to see me jailed. Who is next?
- is still in jail. Hoping prosecutor office can be quick & have me out by 5pm. If decision not out by this afternoon. Its jail till monday .
- is still in jail. Punyeta. This is getting old fast.

Carlos Celdran Tweets after his release:
- is free. For now. And thankful.
just got out of jail. Should I sing "Telephone"? Ok. Last joke. Off to bed. Night y’all.
says, Well, if you like the message but not the method, then find a method that you can work with. It’s a free country.

Gang Badoy, RockEd founder:
- Ang CBCP, muma-Mahatma-Gandhi. Civil disobedience ang beauty. :)
- Church is free to preach, State is free to provide choice. @
- The greater sin is the unloved child.


Mariz Umali, TV reporter, Tweets photos of Carlos Celdran:
- Carlos Celdran in handcuffs when brought to MPD station 5.

Jim Paredes, singer and songwriter:
- OK Bishops. The jig is up. Read this: . Now, let’s talk about RH.
- Italy which is where the Vatican is has legal divorce and abortion, and yet no leader has been excommunicated.
- Civility is important. While I agree wd Celdran, it does not help the cause to be rude in a place ppl find holy.
- And I say the same thing to the Bishops. It is uncivil to threaten excommunication just because people do not agree with you.
- CPCB-Church Bishops Chastise Pnoy. Or Celdran Bashes Church Policy.
- Pun for fun-The Damasonic condomnation of RH by men in habits is habitual. Sexcommunication is not the answer.

James Jimenez, Comelec Spokesperson:
- Quick poll - dahil OC ako - who thinks condoms are immoral?
- Went to see @. Glad to see he’s in such good spirits. :)
- @ shouted "Stop playing politics!" in the Manila Cathedral. He did not trample on the crucifix, he did not call Jesus a stoner.

Ricky Carandang, Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Secretary, Tweets the statements of President Noynoy Aquino:
- President Aquino on excommunication threat: We are all guided by our consciences. My position has not changed.
- President Aquino (cont’d): The state’s duty is to educate our families as to their responsibilities and to respect their decisions if they are in conformity to our laws.


Fr. JBoy Gonzales, SJ,Director of Jesuit Music Ministry (Ateneo de Manila University) and blogger:
- I respect those who have a different opinion on issues, but I don’t respect those who don’t respect others AT WORSHIP. Bastos yon. Uncouth.
- I wouldn’t dare shout inside a Mosque or a temple, even in the worst of times. That is something I was trained to do as part of ethics.
- @ disrupted an Ecumenical Service, meaning, hindi lang Catholics but Protestant, evangelicals (all Christian gathering).

Risa Hontiveros, former senatorial candidate and Akbayan Partylist Representative:
- Sec 133 of d Revised Penal Code is abt pub officials "offending Rel feelings," & probably refers 2 d sep bet Ch & State,what Carlos fights 4
- Correction: Carlos did not shout at the altar,he shouted at d bps. D altar symbolizes Christ. D bps r not Christ,they’re supposed to rep Him

Pepe Diokno, writer and filmmaker:
- I dont understand, Catholic Church has every right to convince its members not to use condoms. Im Taoist, so why is it telling me wht to do?

PCOS Machine a.k.a. Yves Gonzalez:
- coz I’m going out of town this weekend and I need a tourguide.


Artwork by Warren Espejo. Photo courtesy of Mariz Umali of GMA News.

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