Why You Do What You Do: Quark Henares

Get inspired by how this top young filmmaker lives to work and not the other way around.

The spotlight is on filmmaker Quark Henares this week. At 29, after eight years in the industry, Henares now  juggles many roles: director, writer, businessman, teacher, and lately, singer. The son of celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo and businessman Atom Henares joined the Philippine cinema industry at age 21 via his  full-length sexy film debut, Gamitan. But, it was his second sexy film Keka that earned him the most praise from film critics, including Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino in 2003.

When he’s not making movies, Henares directs music videos and television commercials, writes for local publications, and lectures in various schools. Today, the young director also sings for the band Us-2 Evil-0.

"We decided to feature Quark Henares because of his versatility and youthful energy," WYD producer Julo de Guzman shares. "We knew that his enthusiasm towards his craft would inspire people, especially the youth, to find their passions and have the same energy towards them." Director Nicky Daez agrees. "It was a great experience working with Quark because he was very quirky and animated. With him, what you see is what you get. He was outgoing and energetic on and off cam."

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What is most inspiring about Henares? Cinematographer Marco Limjap tells SPOT.ph, "Quark mixes passion with a sense of quirkiness and openness that whoever shares in his passion or asks him about it will feel as if they share and take part in his world, too. Quark serves as an example to the youth because he is a guy who knows how to share his passion to the world--no hiding, no living under a rock. He presents it and people respond to it. He does what he wants to do and knows why he wants to do it."

Watch the video and see Henares explains why he lives to work and not the other way around.

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