Three Pinoys sentenced to death in China aware they were smuggling drugs, says anti-crime advocate Ang-See

The three Filipinos sentenced to death in China for drug trafficking knew they smuggling illegal drugs, ABS-CBN News reported yesterday, citing anti-crime advocate Teresita Ang-See.

According to the report, the convicted Filipinos had been dealing with drug syndicates and have smuggled drugs to China before. The drug syndicates supposedly told them that they will face life imprisonment if they were caught, and not the death sentence.

Ang-See told TV Patrol World that she served as an interpreter of the Chinese investigators who flew to Manila to keep a close eye on the investigation of the hostage crisis in August. Back then, she said they talked about the drug cases which were five at the time. Two Filipinos were reprieved, she said, but Chinese officials found no grounds to postpone the cases of the remaining three. She said she was unable to get the names of the reprieved and the convicted. However, she maintained that Chinese officials said they thoroughly investigated the cases and found that three Filipinos were aware they were carrying illegal drugs.

There was "matinding (intense) back channeling" between the Philippines and China, Ang-See said. She said she introduced Foreign Affairs authorities to Chinese officials involved in the cases.

"Pero bilang anti-crime advocate, iniisip ko bakit natin pakikialaman ang batas ng ibang bansa eh droga ito?" she said. ("As an anti-crime advocate and considering that these are drug cases, I am wondering why we are interfering with the implementation of law in China.")

Citing the cases of Daniel Smith and Francisco Juan Larrañaga, Ang-See said Filipinos are angered when other countries interfere with criminal cases here. "Dapat respetuhin din natin ang batas ng ibang bansa (We should also respect the laws of other countries)."

Meanwhile the mother of one of the convicted Filipinos Ramon "Monchito" Credo said, "He’s a drug user but never a drug pusher." She told TV Patrol World, "I tried my best na gumaling siya (to help him get better)."


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